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June July 2022: District wise rainfall in India’s SW Monsoon

In the just concluded month of July 2022, the second month of India’s South West 2022 monsoon, India received 327.7 mm rainfall, 16.8% above the normal July rainfall of 280.5 mm as per India Meteorological department. In July 2021, the rainfall was 266.1 mm[i], about 6.7% below normal and  in July 2020, the rainfall was 257.1 mm[ii], or about 9.9% below normal.

The rainfall has been far from normal in July 2022. June 2022 had ended with 8% deficit in rainfall[iii]. June 2022 also had very large number of high rainfall days.

However, rainfall in first 15 days of July 2022 was consistently above normal. The Highest one day rainfall at all India level in July 2022 was 16.7 mm (90% above normal) on July 13. By July 15, the cumulative SW Monsoon rainfall deficit of 8% as on June 30 was wiped out and there was 14% surplus rainfall at all India level. However, after July 15, on most (10 out of 16) days rainfall was normal or below normal. By July 31, 2022, the cumulative SW Monsoon rainfall at all India level was 8% above normal. The spatial distribution of SW Monsoon in July 2022 was even more skewed with Gangetic plain areas of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and parts of W Bengal having huge deficit, while parts of peninsular India having high surplus rainfall.

We normally provide the district wise, state wise rainfall using maps downloaded from India Meteorology Department (IMD), but this time, IMD website did not have these maps for almost five days from July 29 to Aug 3 and since IMD does not save the daily rainfall maps in archives in public domain, we are unable to provide the maps for June July 2022 rainfall. Instead, we are providing the figures in tabular figures, also from IMD website.  

DISTRICT WISE STATE WISE RAINFALL The tables of district wise rainfall for each state should be read with the following portion of table that provides the nomenclature for the columns of the table. We are giving it hear since it is not there with all the tables. Also, for a number of states, the tables come in two parts, as mentioned on top.

NORTH INDIA: Jammu & Kashmiar


Himachal Pradesh






Uttar Pradesh (in 2 parts)

Bihar (in 2 parts)

W Bengal (in 2 parts)

Jharkhand (in 2 parts)




Assam (in 2 parts)

Arunachal Pradesh







Andhra Pradesh
(in 2 parts)

Telangana (in 2 parts)

Karnataka (in 2 parts)

Tamil Nadu (in 2 parts)


Andaman & Nicobar Islands



Maharashtra (in 2 parts)

Madhya Pradesh (in 2 parts)

Gujarat (in 2 parts)

Rajasthan (in two parts)





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