What’s New – 2009

December 2009

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Agriculture growth could reduce by over 6? 1
Dam displaced adi vasis accused of forest encroachment 2
The Dal Lake: Looki ng beyond Pollution 4
HC interventi on i n Dal Lake case 5
Water and the Laws i n India: Opening up Pandora’s Box! 6
The disconnect between the knowledge and the policy i n WRD 8
Man Basin in MP: Neither Water nor Gover nance 10
Govt report says glaciers are not melting due to climate change 14
Shoddy WAPCOS report to BBMB: It involves viol ations too 17
Protest against SJVN’s Devsari HEP 18
CEA crosses line to indulge in environment issues on Si kkim HEPs 19
Tragedy at Myntdu-Leshka HEP in Meghalaya 20
FAO and the World Bank bac k l and colonizers 21
Water Interests argue for new dams i n California 22
Philippines: Death, disaster blamed on dams 23
Publicati ons available with SANDRP 24

November 2009

  • Information about Prayas’s Hindi Booklet on Community Agenda for Better Electricity Services (Brief Note in Hindi) November 2009

October 2009

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TERI jury recommends withdrawal of award to NHPC 1
No addition to canal irrigated areas for fifteen years 2
The Scandalous case of the Saryu Irrigation Canal Project in UP 5
India’s GHG emissions to jump 7
JP’s thermal Plant in HP faces strong opposition at public hearing 8
Ill timed water releases from Damodar Dams creates flood disaster 9
Rahul Gandhi’s Opposition to ILR: support to Ken Betwa link 10
What is driving recent spurt in India’s foodgrains production 11
Organic Farming Area goes up 12
North Korea Dam releases drowns people in South Korea 13
World’s River Deltas Shrinking due to Dams 14
The World Bank and funding of large Dams 15
Your letters 16

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