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2022: CWC Flood Monitoring Sites in North India

(Feature image: Bar Chart showing number of Level Forecast/Monitoring, Inflow Forecast sites in North Indian States & UTs)

Continuing analysis of Central Water Commission’s flood forecast website, SANDRP presents the details of flood monitoring sites in North Indian states comprising Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Chandigarh, Delhi and states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Before this, we have prepared similar critical reports and highlighted problematic issues in flood monitoring sites in North India in 2018, 2019 and 2020.   

CWC’s flood forecasting operations basically has 3 types of stations including Level Forecast (LF) sites to issue Level flood forecast, Level Monitoring (LM) to monitor flood water level and Inflow Forecast (IF) to observe inflows at some selected dams and barrages. Generally, the LM sites are in higher numbers in most of the states followed by LF and IF sites. While the LF sites have Warning Level (WL), Danger Level (DL) and Highest Flood Level (HFL) with date, the LM sites only have HFL with date. At IF sites Full Reservoir Level (FRL) and Maximum Water Level (MWL) are monitored. Some of IF sites also have HFL and date records.

The WL, DL and HFL are measured in meters (M). We have used abbreviations of U for upper, M for middle and L for Lower in basin columns and HA for Hydrograph Active (Yes or No) next to HFL coloumn.


The undivided state of Jammu & Kashmir in 2018 had 3 LF and 1 LM sites. In 2019, while the number of LF sites remained at 3, the number of LM sites were increased to 34 which came down to 6 after removal of 31 sites in 2020. Of total removed sites 4 were added in Ladakh and 3 new LM sites namely Ganeshpura, Nunwan and Jaamu Tawi were included in the Union Territory of J&K.

In 2022, the number of LF sites have gone up to 4 with addition of Khanabal site while 2 LM sites have been removed from the UT. Presently there are total 7 sites including 4 LF and 3 LM sites here. The WL and DL of 3 previous LF sites have been changed in 2019, 2020 and 2022 also. SANDRP’s previous analysis of CWC flood forecasting stations for the UT has listed these changes and inclusion as well exclusion of the sites. The tables below show the present LF, LM sites and LM sites removed last year. There is no IF site in the UT.

J&K: List of Level Forecast Sites 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MHFL DateHA
1Khanabal Jhelum/ IndusAnantnag1591.21592.5NANAYes
2SangamJhelum/ IndusAnantnag1589.961590.88159504.09.2014Yes
3Rammanushi BaghJhelum / IndusSrinagar1584.871585.481588.9908.09.2014Yes
4SafaporaJhelum/ IndusBaramula1579.361579.661582.109.09.2014Yes

J&K: List of Level Monitoring Sites 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL DateHA
1AKHNOORChenab/ IndusJammu324.2910.09.1992Yes
2GaneshpuraLidder/ IndusAnantnagNANAYes
 Jammu Tawi (Sidhra)Tawi/ IndusJammu318.8506.09.2014Yes

J&K: List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED as on July 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
2NunwanLidder/ IndusAnantnagNANA


Presently there is no site functioning in Ladakh. The 4 previous inactive sites have been removed.


CWC website shows 30 flood monitoring stations in Himachal Pradesh comprising of 1 LF and 29 LM sites as in July 2022. The number of sites has almost doubled compared to the number in 2020. In the past 2 years, CWC has also made some corrections and changes in the respective sites while some inaccuracies or absence of basic information remain which are listed below.

1. The HFL, date for Ropa site is given now.

2. The HFL dates for Titang and Nathpa sites have been changed from 03-08-2005 to 26.06.2005 without giving any explanation.

3. The hydrograph for Powari site is inactive and it is shown as shifted to Moorang. The Moorang site is also inactive. It’s previous HFL 2272.3 m dated 09.08.2018 are not mentioned now. Practically both of these sites are inactive for now.

4. CWC has added 14 new LM sites in HP of which 12 are in Indus basin and 2 in Yamuna basin. Out of 14 new sites, 04 were removed in 2020. The list of newly added sites is given in separate table below.

5. The HFL, date for Kothi site are still unavailable. It’s hydrograph is also inactive.

6. Both newly added sites in Yamuna basin namely Kaithi and Mansurpur belong to Uttar Pradesh state and are part of lower Yamuna basin. The HFLs and dates for these sites are not given.

7. The state has no IF site.

If the inactive and unrelated sites are excluded from final count, there are currently 25 sites active in HP.

Himachal Pradesh: List of Level Forecast Sites 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWLDLHFL, MHFL DateHA
1PaontaYamuna/ U YamunaSirmaur383.5384.5384.605.09.1995Yes

Himachal Pradesh: List of Level Monitoring Sites 2022

 SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL DateHA
1RopaRopa Khad/ IndusKinnaur3048.2817.07.2019Yes
2HansaSpiti/ IndusLahual & Spiti3925.0408.06.2020Yes
3GullingSpiti/ IndusLahual & Spiti3580.2701.08.2019Yes
4ShalkharSpiti/ IndusKinnaur2983.7814.07.2017Yes
5GhoushalChandra/ IndusLahual & Spiti2855.5620.07.1999Yes
6TandiBhaga/ IndusLahual & Spiti2855.3113.08.2009Yes
7UdaipurChander Bhaga/ IndusLahual & Spiti2609.1512.08.2009Yes
8Miyar NallahMiyar Nallah/ IndusLahual & Spiti2616.9728.07.2013Yes
9KhabSatluj/ IndusKinnaur2530.103.08.2017Yes
10TITANGSatluj/ IndusKinnaur2460.026.06.2005Yes
11MOORANGSatluj/ IndusKinnaurNANANo
12POWARISatlu/ IndusKinnaur194503-08-2005No
13NATHPASatluj/ IndusKinnaur145126.06.2005Yes
14RampurSatluj/ IndusShimla93326.06.2005Yes
15PANDOASatluj/ IndusShimla740.603.08.2005Yes
16SanglaBaspa/ IndusKinnaur2515.231.07.2017Yes
17BarotBeas/ IndusMandi1832.6830.08.2016Yes
18KOTHIBeas/ IndusKulluNANANo
20Yaswant NagarGiri/ Upper YamunaSirmaur902.905-09-1995Yes
21KheriGiri/ Upper YamunaSirmaur788.618-08-2019Yes
22Dadahu/RenukaGiri/ Upper YamunaSirmaur629.0218-08-2019Yes
23Jateon Barrage Giri/ Upper YamunaSirmaur615.923-07-2010Yes
24GauraAshni/ Upper YamunaSolan918.218-08-2019Yes
25Meenus KhadMeenus/ Upper YamunaSirmaur734.9518-08-2019Yes
26Meenus (Tons)Pabar/ Upper YamunaSirmaur729.0218-08-2019Yes
27GanguwalaBata/ Upper YamunaSirmaur372.618-08-2019Yes

Himachal Pradesh: List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

 SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
1HansaSpiti/ IndusLahual & Spiti3925.0408.06.2020
2GullingSpiti/ IndusLahual & Spiti3580.2701.08.2019
3ShalkharSpiti/ IndusKinnaur2983.7814.07.2017
4GhoushalChandra/ IndusLahual & Spiti2855.5620.07.1999
5TandiBhaga/ IndusLahual & Spiti2855.3113.08.2009
6UdaipurChander Bhaga/ IndusLahual & Spiti2609.1512.08.2009
7Miyar NallahMiyar Nallah/ IndusLahual & Spiti2616.9728.07.2013
8KhabSatluj/ IndusKinnaur2530.103.08.2017
9RampurSatluj/ IndusShimla93326.06.2005
10SanglaBaspa/ IndusKinnaur2515.231.07.2017
11BarotBeas/ IndusMandi1832.6830.08.2016
12GhaluwalSwan/ IndusUna36703.06.2017


In 2020, there were 78 flood monitoring sites in Uttarakhand comprising of 15 LF, 60 LM and 3 Inflow Forecast sites. In 2022, the number of sites come down to 75. The CWC has removed 5 sites and added 2 new sites in the state list which are given below separately.

Interestingly, CWC has upgraded 30 LM sites into LF sites (blue font) of which 18 sites (red font) have HFL lower than the DL or even WL at the respective sites. In total, there are 43 LF, 30 LM and 2 IF sites in the state. However, 3 LM sites namely Hanuman Chetty, Hathiyari (Bausan) and Harshil are inactive. So, the tally of functioning sites is 72. Excluding the inactive sites, there are 7 LM sites for which HFLs, dates are still missing. This include Thal LF and Sitarganj LM sites for which HFL, date were given earlier but removed now.

CWC has also changed HFLs, dates of several sites and added river names, WL, DL for many sites which are given below in rows below the sites in the respective tables. The Marora LF site on Nyar is still shown in Chamoli district while the river flows through Pouri Garhwal district. CWC has added FRL, MWL for Banbasa barrage and MWL for Kalagarh Inflow Forecast sites now.

Uttarakhand: List of Level Forecast Sites 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWLDLHFL, MHFL DateHA
9Deoprayag (B)Bhagirathi-I/GangaTehri462463474.517.06.2013Yes
10BadrinathAlaknanda/ GangaChamoli311231133112.701.08.2007Yes
11SuraithotaAlaknanda/ GangaChamoli2148.52149.52147.7405.06.2020Yes
12JoshimathAlaknanda/ GangaChamoli138213831388.6507.02.2021Yes
13PipalkotiAlaknanda/ GangaChamoli1052.31053.31052.8219.06.2021Yes
14BirahiAlaknanda/ GangaChamoli1042.41043.41042.8907.08.2020Yes
15ChhinkaAlaknanda/ GangaChamoli1005.21006.21005.6919.08.2019Yes
16NandprayagAlaknanda/ GangaChamoli853.7854.7854.1919.06.2021Yes
17Karanprayag(A)Alaknanda/ GangaChamoli758.5759.5758.318.08.2019Yes
18Rudraprayag(A)Alaknanda/ GangaRudraprayag626627634.8517.06.2013Yes
19Rudraprayag(C)Alaknanda/ GangaRudraprayag623.7624.7633.017.06.2013Yes
20SrinagarAlaknanda/ GangaPauri535.0536.0537.917.06.2013Yes
21GaurikundMandakani/ Alak.Rudraprayag1975.81976.81974.8927.08.2020Yes
22Ganga NagarMandakani/ Alak.Chamoli803.0804.080816.06.2013Yes
24NandkeshriPinder/ AlaknandaChamoli126712681267.417.06.2013Yes
25Karnaprayag(P)Pinder/ AlaknandaChamoli77277377417.06.2015Yes
26Deoprayag (G)GangaPauri462463472.517.06.2013Yes
28HaridwarGangaHaridwar293.0294.0296. 317.06.2013Yes
29SataynaryanSong/ GangaDehradun337.2338.2338.4928.06.2019Yes
30RoorkeeSolani/ GangaHaridwar260.5261.5260.5814.10.2021Yes
31DosniSolani/ GangaHaridwar243.5244.5244.6529.07.2021Yes
32RaysiSolani/ GangaHaridwar230231232.2401.09.2018Yes
33BhikiasenRamganga/ GangaAlmora790791791.217.09.2010Yes
34MarchulaRamganga/ GangaAlmora585586586.3719.06.2021Yes
35MaroraNayar/ GangaChamoli?555556556.612.09.1993Yes
37GagrigolGomti/ GhagraBageshwar1095.51096.51096.3306.08.2019Yes
  Sarda/Ghagra   607.617.06.2013 
40BageshwarSaryu/ GhagraBageshwar856.6857.6856.9707.07.2019Yes
41GHATSarju/ GhagraPithoragarh46446547519.10.2021Yes
  Sarda/Ghagra   472.016.08.2011 
42ThalRamganga/ GhagraPithoragarh788.12789.12790.129.07.2020Yes
43BanbasaSarda/ GhagraChampawat222.3223.3223.318.06.2013Yes

Uttarakhand List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL DateHA
1KuthnaurU Yamuna/ GangaUttarkashi1441.3518.08.2019Yes
2PurolaKamal/ U YamunaUttarkashi1203.618.08.2019Yes
3NaugaonU Yamuna/ GangaUttarkashi1060.419.09.2010Yes
4Hanuman ChettyU Yamuna/ GangaUttarkashiNANANo
5Tuini (Pabar)Pabar/ U YamunaDehradun931.8825.09.1988Yes
6Tuini (Tons)Tons/ U YamunaDehradun904.025.09.1988Yes
7Yamuna PulAglar/ U YamunaDehradunNANAYes
8Hathari(Bausan)Yamuna/ U YamunaDehradun518.119.09.2010No
9KalsiAmlav/ U YamunaDehradun512.411.07.2021Yes
10HaripurTons South/ U YamunaDehradun482.4825.09.1988Yes
11SabhowalaAsan/ U YamunaDehradun450.8530.09.2019Yes
12HarshilBhagirathi-1/ GangaUttarkashiNANANo
13DhopaddhaarBhilangane/ GangaTehri1381.1818.08.2019Yes
14ChamiyalaBhilangane/ GangaTehri923.9518.08.2019Yes
15Devprayag (A)Alaknanda/ GangaPouri466.918.08.2019Yes
16AttalSunheri/ GangaDehradun778.9818.08.2019Yes
17DHARCHULAMaha-Kali/ GhagraPithoragarhNANAYes
18RAMESHWARSarju/ GhagraPithoragarhNANAYes
19RUPALIGADMahakali/Sarda/ GhagraPithoragarhNANAYes
20PancheshwarKali/ GhagraChampawat433.319.10.2021Yes
21PURNAGIRIMahakali/Sarda/ GhagraChampawatNANAYes
22SuyalbariKosi/ GangaNainital996.9520.10.2021Yes
23BetalghatKosi/ GangaAlmora746.9419.10.2021Yes
24GarjiaKosi/ GangaNainital478.7919.10.2021Yes
25RamnagarbarrageKosi/ GangaNainital220.7519.10.2021Yes
26NaulaRamganga/ GangaAlmora781.819.06.2021Yes
27KalagarhRamganga/ GangaPauri263.6719.09.2010Yes
28KathgodamKichha/ GaulaNainital498.9320.10.2021Yes
29SitarganjDeoha/ RamgangaUS NagarNANAYes
30Fica BarrageFica/ RamgangaUS Nagar234.7521.05.2021Yes

Uttarakhand List of Inflow Forecast Sites 2022

1Banbasa BarrageSarda/ GhagraChampawat222.96223.3Yes
2Kalagarh DamRamganga/GangaGarhwal365.3366.2Yes

Uttarakhand: List of Level Forecast/ Monitoring sites INACTIVE in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
1Hanuman ChettyU Yamuna/ GangaUttarkashiNANA
2Hathari(Bausan)Yamuna/ U YamunaDehradun518.119-09-2010
3HarshilBhagirathi-1/ GangaUttarkashiNANA

Uttarakhand: List of new Level Forecast/ Monitoring sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWLDLHFL, MHFL Date
1SuraithotaAlaknanda/ GangaChamoli2148.52149.52147.7405.06.2020
2KalagarhRamganga/ GangaPauri  263.6719.09.2010

Uttarakhand: List of Level Forecast/ Monitoring sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWL/DLHFL, MHFL Date
1TawaghatSarda/ GhagraPithoragarhNA1098.9303-08-1997
2JhualaghatMaha-Kali/GhagraPithoragarh NANA
3PANCHESHWARSarda/Mahakali/ GhagraChampawat NANA
4VishnuprayagMandakini/AlaknandaChamoli 1424.2611-08-2019
5Ramganga ReservoirRamganga/GangaPauri NANA


In 2019, CWC had added one site in Punjab however the site was defunct, it has been removed. Currently, Punjab has no flood monitoring or forecasting sites.


As on July 2022, there are 10 flood monitoring stations comprising of 1 LF, 8 LM and 1 IF sites active in Haryana state. The HFL (182.25 m) and date (22.08.2019) for Palwal/ Rahimpur site has been removed now. The HFL (178.88 m) has been removed for Piprauli site while the date is still mentioned. The HFL for Mohna site has been changed from 193.13 m dated 06.09.1978 to 192.43 m dated 09.09.1995 despite the fact that 1978 HFL is higher than 1995.

Haryana List of Level Forecast Sites 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWLDLHFL, MHFL DateHA
1KarnalYamuna/ U YamunaKarnal248.8249.5250.0717.06.2013Yes

Haryana List of Level Monitoring Sites 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL (M)HFL DateHA
1FatehgarhSomb/ U YamunaYamuna Nagar276.3518.08.2019Yes
2GhodopipliMaskara/ U YamunaYamuna Nagar271.2518.08.2019Yes
3MasaniSahibi/  YamunaRewari242.5802.09.1978Yes
4DadriSahibi/ U YamunaJhajjar214.9826.08.2008Yes
5ManjhawaliYamuna/ M YamunaFaridabad193.9621.08.2019Yes
6MohnaYamuna/ M YamunaFaridabad192.4309.09.1995Yes
7Palwal/ RahimpurYamuna/ M YamunaPalwalNANAYes
8PiprauliUjjina/ M YamunaMewatNA23.08.2019Yes

Haryana List of Inflow Forecasting sites 2022

SNSitesRiver/ BasinDistrictFRLMWLHA
1Hathinikund BarrageYamuna/ U YamunaYamuna Nagar334NAYes


There is no change in sites in Delhi which have 3 flood sites including 2 LF and 1 LM sites. The DL and WL of Delhi Railway bridge has been changed from 204 M & 204.83 M to 204.5 M and 205.33 M respectively. The reason behind the revision is not known. At Palla, the notice board has mentioned that HFL is 213.275 m, crossed in Sept 1988, date not given. This information is not given on the CWC FF website.

Delhi List of Level Forecast Sites 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWLDLHFLHFL DateHA
1Delhi Railway BridgeYamuna/ U YamunaNorth204.5205.33207.4906-09-1978Yes
2DhansaSahibi/ U YamunaSouth West211.44212.44213.5806-08-1977Yes

Delhi List of Level Monitoring Sites 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrictHFL (M)HFL DateHA
1PallaYamuna/ U YamunaNorth West212.808-09-1995Yes
    213.275 MSept 1988 


As on July 2022, there are 181 flood monitoring sites in Uttar Pradesh state including 64 LF, 112 LM and 5 Inflow Forecast sites. In 2020, there were 180 flood monitoring sites in the state comprising of 61 LF, 114 LM and 5 Inflow Forecast sites.

CWC has added Hamirpur, Sahijina as LF sites which were earlier included in Himachal Pradesh state and upgraded Sitamarhi LM site into LF site. Similarly, Shirpur LM site is wrongly listed from Gujarat and Dobhi LM site has been removed. CWC has also added Kora Old as LM site which was earlier wrongly included in Himachal Pradesh.

CWC has upgraded HFL and dates of several sites which are mentioned in separate rows below the particular site. The HFL date is still missing for Shukratal LF site. The HFL, date for Rajapur LM site in Chitrakoot has been removed. The old HFL (76.6 m dated 24.08.2020) for Narayanpur LM site in Mirzapur is higher than new HFL (74.91 dated 12.08.2021) as updated by CWC. Similarly, the New HFL (128.23 m dated 09.07.2019) for Sitapur LM site in Sitapur district is lower than old HFL (129.38m dated 20.06.2019).

Sardhua and Pailani Dera LM sites on Paisuni and Ken River in Lower Yamuna basin are wrongly mentioned in Shahjahanpur district. Similarly, the Negai and Niwari LM sites are now mentioned in Varanasi district which were earlier in Sonbhadra district. HFL, dates are still missing for about 38 LM sites. The Hydrograph for Rihand dam IF site is inactive.

Uttar Pradesh List of Flood Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWLDLHFLHFL DateHA
1MawiYamuna/ U YamunaMuzzafarnagar230230.85232.7518.06.2013Yes
2Mathura (Prayag Ghat)Yamuna/ M YamunaMathura165.2166169.7308.08.1978Yes
3Agra (J.B.)Yamuna/ M YamunaAgra151.4152.4154.7609.09.1978Yes
4EtawahYamuna/ M GangaEtawah120.92121.92126.1311.09.1978Yes
5HamirpurYamuna/ L YamunaHamirpur102.63103.63108.5912.09.1983Yes
6AuraiyaYamuna/ L YamunaAuraiya112113118.5106.08.2021Yes
7KALPIYamuna/ L YamunaJalaun107108112.9825.08.1996Yes
8CHILLAGHATYamuna/ L YamunaBanda99100105.1606.09.1978Yes
9NAINIYamuna/ M GangaPrayagraj83.7484.7387.9908.09.1978Yes
10NAUTGHATBetwa/ L YamunaJhansi204205207.9901.09.1983Yes
11MOHANABetwa/ L YamunaJalaun121.66122.66133.3511.09.1983Yes
12SAHIJINABetwa/ L YamunaHamirpur103.54104.54108.6712.09.1983Yes
13BANDAKen/ L YamunaBanda103104113.2907.07.2005Yes
14GarhmukteshwarGanga/ M GangaHapur198.33199.33199.923.09.2010Yes
15Narora D/SGanga/ U GangaBuland Shahar177.42178.42180.0123.09.2010Yes
16KachhlabridgeGanga/ M GangaBadaun161162162.7924.09.2010Yes
17FatehgarhGanga/ M GangaFarrukhabad136.6137.6138.1426.09.2010Yes
18KannaujGanga/ M GangaKannauj124.97125.97126.7827.09.2010Yes
19AnkinghatGanga/ M GangaKanpur123124124.4928.09.2010Yes
20KanpurGanga/ M GangaKanpur (Urban)112.0114114.07529.09.2010Yes
21AllahabadGanga/ M GangaPrayagraj83.73484.73488.0308.09.1978Yes
22PHAPHAMAUGanga/ M GangaPrayagraj83.73484.73487.9808.09.1978Yes
23MIRZAPURGanga/ M GangaMirzapur76.72477.72480.3409.09.1978Yes
24VARANASIGanga/ M GangaVaranasi70.26271.26273.90109.09.1978Yes
25GHAZIPURGanga/ M GangaGhazipur62.10563.10565.2209.09.1978Yes
26BALLIAGanga/ M GangaBallia56.61557.61560.3925.08.2016Yes
27SITAMARHIGanga/ M GangaSant Ravidas Nagar80.
28ShukratalSolani/ U GangaMuzaffarnagar226226.5227.4NA?Yes
29NeemsarGomti/ M GangaSitapur125.8126.8129.0821.09.1958Yes
30BhatpurwaghatGomti/ M GangaSitapur113.3114.3115.5520.09.1960Yes
31Lucknow (Hanuman Setu)Gomti/ M GangaLucknow108.5109.5110.8511.09.1971Yes
32DalmauGomti/ M GangaRaibareli98.3699.3699.8403.08.1973Yes
33SULTANPURGomti/ M GangaSultanpur83.7384.7389.45518.09.1971Yes
34JAUNPURGomti/ M GangaJaunpur73.06674.06677.73822.09.1971Yes
35BaniSai/ GomatiLucknow114.5115.5116.526.09.1985Yes
36Rae BareliSai/ GomatiRae Bareli100101104.8117.09.1982Yes
37B.K.GhatGhagra/ M GangaBahraich135.78136.78137.4422.08.1963Yes
38ElginbridgeGhagra/ M GangaBara Banki105.07106.07107.61618-08-2014Yes
39AyodhyaGhagra/ M GangaFaizabad91.7392.7394.0111.10.2009Yes
40TurtiparGhagra/ M GangaBallia63.0164.016628.08.1998Yes
41KakardhariRapti/ GhagaraBahraich130131132.3715.08.2014Yes
42BhingaRapti/ GhagaraShrawasti118.5119.5120.315.08.2014Yes
43BalrampurRapti/ GhagaraBalrampur103.62104.62105.5415.08.2017Yes
44BansiRapti/ GhagaraSidharthnagar83.984.985.9503.09.2021Yes
45RegauliRapti/ GhagaraGorakhpur79.380.382.1216.09.2000Yes
46BirdghatRapti/ GhagaraGorakhpur73.9874.9877.5423.08.1998Yes
47KhaddaGandak/ GhagaraKushinagar959697.523.07.2002Yes
48MoradabadRamganga/ M GangaMoradabad189.6190.6192.8821.09.2010Yes
49BareillyRamganga/ M GangaBareilly162.07163.07162.88106.08.1978Yes
50DabriRamganga/ M GangaSahajahanpur136.3137.3139.69528.09.1983Yes
51ChandradeepghatKwano/ GhagaraGonda87.8488.8492.0416.07.1989Yes
52BastiKwano/ GhagaraBasti82.6483.6484.6223.08.1998Yes
53MukhlispurKwano/ GhagaraSant Kabir Nagar77.6578.6579.8427.08.1998Yes
54ColonelganjSarju/ GhagaraGonda104105105.2815.09.1982Yes
55GaighatSarju/ M GangaBahraich129.54130.54132.4515.08.2014Yes
56HetimpurLtl Gandak/ GhagaraDeoria77.4278.4279.6406.09.2001Yes
57SalempurLtl Gandak/ GhagaraDeoria66.1267.1267.5523.09.1994Yes
58KakrahiBurhi Rapti/ GhagaraSidharthnagar84.6585.6588.9722.08.1998Yes
59UskabazarBurhi Rapti/ GhagaraSigharthnagar82.5283.5285.6221.08.1998Yes
60TrimohinighatRohin/ M GangaMaharajganj81.4482.4485.4815.08.2017Yes
61ManiramRohin/ M GangaGorakhpur77.1678.1678.1619.08.2017Yes
62PaliakalanSarda/ GhagaraKheri153.1154.1155.8220.10.2021Yes
63ShardanagarSarda/ GhagaraKheri134.49135.49136.5516.09.1993Yes
64CHOPANSone/ M GangaSonbhadra170171175.6122.08.1975Yes

Uttar Pradesh List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL,MHFL DateHA
1KalanaurYamuna/ U YamunaSaharanpur268.6609.09.2010Yes
2BaghpatYamuna/ U YamunaBaghpat217.1827.09.1988Yes
3ShergarhYamuna/ M YamunaMathura168.9522.08.2019Yes
4Mathura (Gokul Barrage)Yamuna/ M YamunaMathura166.1726.09.2010Yes
5AGRA (POIYAGHAT)Yamuna / M YamunaAgra156.4509.09.1978Yes
6KiraoliKhari/ M YamunaAgraNANAYes
7BateshwarYamuna/ M GangaAgraNANAYes
8RUPAS NAGARSirsa/ M YamunaAgraNANAYes
9JUHIKHAYamuna/ L YamunaAuraiyaNANAYes
10ORAI-2/ MangrayanNoon/ L YamunaJalaunNANAYes
11BADAUSABaghain/ L YamunaBandaNANAYes
12BARCHABaghain/ L YamunaBandaNANAYes
13KARWIYamuna/ L YamunaBandaNANAYes
14LAMYARIYamuna/ L YamunaBandaNANAYes
15MARKAYamuna/ L YamunaBandaNANAYes
16SARDHUAPaisuni/ L YamunaShahjahanpur?NANAYes
17RAJAPURYamuna/ L YamunaChitrakoot96.3707.09.1978Yes
18BAHMAIYamuna/ M GangaKanpur DehatNANAYes
19MOOSA NAGARYamuna/ L YamunaKanpur RuralNANAYes
20PRATAPPURYamuna/ L YamunaAllahabad90.108.09.1978Yes
21PanchkaunBudi Yamuna/ U YamunaSaharanpur267.9502.08.2019Yes
22TitawiHindon/ U YamunaMuzaffar Nagar217.9118.07.2019Yes
23Galeta  Hindon/ U GangaBaghpat217.72  04.09.1978Yes
24BaleniHindon/ M YamunaBaghpat210.7831.10.2019Yes
25NoidaHindon/ U YamunaGautam Budh Nagar193.3120.09.2019Yes
26Shekhpura (Barnawa)Krishni/ U YamunaBaghpatNANAYes
27ParkhamUjjina/ M YamunaMathuraNANAYes
29UDIChambal/ M YamunaEtawah128.5318.09.2019Yes
30KoilariBanas/ ChambalMahoba346.6721.08.2019Yes
31RAJGHATBetwa/ L YamunaLalitpurNANAYes
32BULAKIPURASengar/ L YamunaAuraiyaNANAYes
33LALPURSengar/ L YamunaKanpur DehatNANAYes
34KAIMAHAUrmil/ L YamunaMahoba215.216.008.2008No
35PAILANI DERAKen/ L YamunaShahjahanpur?NANAYes
36KORA OLDRind/ L YamunaFatehpurNANAYes
37LALGANJGanga/ M GangaMirzapur13701.08.2021Yes
38BhitauraGanga/ M GangaFatehpur101.9801.10.2010Yes
39SHAHJADPURGanga/ M GangaKaushambi90.4209.09.1978Yes
40CHUNARGanga/ M GangaVaranasi75.2812.08.2021Yes
41TENDUIGanga/ M GangaVaranasi73.7101.10.2019Yes
42BasantpurGanga/ U GangaBijnor100.1729.08.2021Yes
43AnupshaharGanga/ U GangaBuland Shahar180.8517.08.2020Yes
44AHRORAGanga/ M GangaMirzapurNANAYes
45NARAYANPURGanga/ M GangaMirzapur76.624.08.2020Yes
46SAIDPURGanga/ M GangaGhazipur69.6913.08.2021Yes
47ASHATPURGanga/ M GangaGhazipur65.603.10.2019Yes
48DEVKALIGanga/ M GangaGhazipur64.7102.10.2019Yes
49BhatpuraRamganga/ U GangaRampur182.421.10.2021Yes
50Jyoti JagirRamganga/ M GangaBareilly167.922.10.2021Yes
51SeoharaRamganga/ U GangaBijnor215.5422.08.2020Yes
52AtrauliKali/ M GangaAligarh175.9128.09.2019Yes
53KasganjKali/ M GangaEtah164.4211.10.2019Yes
54BewarKali/ M GangaMainpuri143.5716.09.2003Yes
55ChupkoliKali/ M GangaGaziabad204.5820.07.2020Yes
56RatanpuriKali/ U GangaMuzaffarnagarNANAYes
57MaholiGomti/ M GangaSitapur132.708.07.2019Yes
58SitapurGomti/ M GangaSitapur128.2309.07.2019Yes
59HaidergarhGomti/ M GangaBarabanki99.2317.09.2021Yes
60MAIGHATGomti/ M GangaJaunpur74.9601.09.1980Yes
61MaigalganjGomti/ M GangaHardoi135.524.08.2020Yes
62PARTAPGARHSai/ GomtiPratapgarh85.2316.09.1986Yes
63JALALPURSai/ GomtiJaunpur76.2331.08.1980Yes
64KasmaraIshan/ M GangaMainpuri143.9811.09.2018Yes
65BilhaurIshan/ M GangaKanpur (Urban)123.7520.10.2021Yes
66CHAKGHATTons/ M GangaPrayagraj94.702.08.2021Yes
67MEJA ROADTons/ M GangaPrayagraj87.1807.09.1978Yes
68KOHDARGHATTons/ M GangaPrayagraj85.0112.08.2021Yes
69NEGAISone/ M GangaVaranasi161.3329.09.2019Yes
70NIWARISone/ M GangaVaranasi182.0430.08.2020Yes
71DUDHHIKanhar/ SoneSonbhadra210.5413.08.2016Yes
72Chaugurji GhatGhagra/ M GangaKheri142.6620.10.2021Yes
73Parsa (Zalim Nagar)Ghagra/ M GangaKheri136.3919.10.2021Yes
74Gola BazarGhagra/ M GangaDeoria73.6801.08.2020Yes
75Sonauli Mohammad PurGhagra/ M GangaGonda99.8822.07.2019Yes
76Ramnagar BaghaGhagra/ M GangaKheri135.330.07.2019 
77DhobahatGhagra/ M GangaAmbedkarnagar86.9519.08.2020Yes
78MotipurSuhali/ SardaKheri141.4229.07.1984Yes
79New MotipurSuhali/ SardaKheri135.9927.10.2021Yes
80Kabir GanjSarda/ GhagaraPilibhit165.120.10.2021 
81KukeaMahakali/Sarda/  GhagaraKheri141.121.10.2021Yes
82MadhwapurRapti/ GhagaraShrawasti127.6106.07.2019Yes
83Parsohan GhatBurhi Rapti/ GhagaraSigharthnagar96.5529.08.2021Yes
84Muhchurwa GhatBurhi Rapti/ GhagaraSigharthnagar91.7928.08.2021Yes
85AKBARPURChoti Saryu/ GhagaraAmbedkarNagar86.3515.09.2000Yes
86AZAMGARHChoti Saryu/ GhagaraAzamgarh75.025.08.2005Yes
87MAUChoti Saryu/ GhagaraMau65.2208.10.2021Yes
88KASMABADChoti Saryu/ GhagaraGhazipur62.1508.10.2021Yes
89Dumari GhatKwano/ GhagaraBalrampur98.2931.08.2021Yes
90GharighatKwano/ GhagaraBasti89.6928.07.2021Yes
91NARHANKarmanasa/ M GangaChandauli75.7325.09.2011Yes
92ZamaniaKarmanasa/ M GangaGazipurNANAYes
93ChhitaunighatGandak/ GhagaraKushinagar93.0516.06.2021Yes
94Chauhaan PattiLittle Gandak/ GhagaraDeoria73.416.07.2019Yes
95ShergarhKichha/ RamgangaBareilly179.621.10.2021Yes 
96DhanetaKichha/ RamgangaBareilly170.3721.10.2021Yes
97PiliphitDeoha/ M GangaPilibhit182.9620.10.2021Yes
98Dulha DhakiaDeoha/ M GangaShahjahanpur150.5224.10.2021Yes
99ShahjahanpurDeoha/ M GangaShahjahanpur144.3525.10.2021Yes
100Sehramau (South)Deoha/ M GangaShahjahanpur143.424.10.2021Yes
101TodarpurDeoha/ M GangaHardoi141.4515.07.2019Yes
102SandiDeoha/ M GangaHardoi130.1326.10.2021Yes
103NaginaKhoh/ U GangaBijnor236.7506.08.2019Yes
104BhojpurDehla/ U GangaMoradabad199.2720.10.2021Yes 
105Gagan MoradabadGangan/ M GangaMoradabad191.20229.07.1973Yes
106RampurKosi/ RamgangaRampur188.3220-09-2010Yes
107MeerganjBhakhra/ M GangaBareilly170.7422.10.2021Yes
108PurwamirPandu/ M GangaKanpur Nagar102.8517.09.2021Yes
109Ramsanehi GhatKalyani/ M GangaBarabanki101.729.09.2021Yes
110LalganjLoni/ M GangaRae Bareli9827.09.2019Yes
111FATEHGANJ (E)Begul/ M GangaBareilly155.0920.10.2021Yes
112ThoothibariChandan/ M GangaMaharajganj101.525.09.2020Yes

Uttar Pradesh List of Inflow Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictFRLMWLHFLDateHA
1Dharamnagari BarrageGanga/ U GangaBijnorNANA220.4529.09.2010Yes
2NARORAGanga/ U GangaBuland Shahar179.07NA180.6123.09.2010Yes
3Rihand DamRihand/ SoneSonbhadra265.18264.44NANANo
4Katerniaghat BarrageGhagra/ M GangaBahraich136.8138NANAYes
5MATATILA ReservoirBetwa/ L YamunaLalitpur308.46310.04NANAYes

Uttar Pradesh List of Level Forecast/Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWLDLHFL (M)HFL Date
1HamirpurYamuna/ L YamunaHamirpur102.63103.63108.5912.09.1983
2SAHIJINABetwa/ L YamunaHamirpur103.54104.54108.6712.09.1983
3SITAMARHIGanga/ M GangaSant Ravidas Nagar80.
4KORA OLDRind/ L YamunaFatehpur  NANA

Uttar Pradesh List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL,MHFL Date
1DobhiPhalgu/ M GangaJaunpurNANA


In 2022, the North India region comprising of 5 states and 4 UTs have 306 flood monitoring sites of which 115 are Level Forecast, 183 are Level Monitoring and 8 are Inflow Forecasting sites in CWC’s flood forecasting system. Of 115 LM sites 8 sites including 5 in Himachal Pradesh of which 2 unrelated sites and 3 site in Uttarakhand are inactive. Similarly Rihand dam IF site is also inactive. If these are excluded from final count, there are 297 flood monitoring station active in the region.

Bar Chart showing status of flood monitoring sites in 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2022 in North Indian States & UTs.

The number of sites has come down in J&K from 9 in 2020 to 7 and in Uttarakhand from 78 in 2020 to 75 in 2022. The number of sites has doubled in Himachal from 15 in 2020 to 30 in 2022. Surprisingly, there is not a single flood monitoring site existing in the Ladakh, Chandigarh and Punjab. In Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh number of Level Forecast sites have further gone up.

Summary Table for North Indian States in 2022

Summary Table for North Indian States in 2022

StatesLevel Forecast Sites Level Monitoring Sites Inflow Forecast sites Total
Jammu & Kashmir403 0 7
Ladakh0 0 0 0
Himachal Pradesh102405*0 30
Punjab0 0 0 0
Chandigarh0 0 0 0
Delhi20100 3
Uttar Pradesh64 112 41181
Total115 175871306

A SANDRP analysis (


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