What’s New – 2011

December 2011

Page No
The threat of unsafe Mullaperiyar dam 1
CWC Report on Water Quality Hot Spots says little, hides a lot 5
Dolphins of the Ganga: Few fading, fewer frolicking 8
How to ruin living rivers: Fall of River Shastri 11
Traditional Water Management Systems of E Vidarbha-II 14
European Commission to review CDM Hydro status 18
Flood-banks along Krishna causing conflicts 19
Fraudulent Hydropower companies in Karnataka 20
Chenab basin projects, Luhri HEP face stiff opposition in Himachal 21
WAPCOS DOES IT AGAIN: shoddy studies in Arunachal Pradesh 22
MoEF approves project rejected twice by FAC in critical wildlife area 24
West Bengal forms a panel on Wetlands 25
Atrocious: Police burn 200 floating huts at Loktak 26
Nepal: West Seti Hydropower project dropped 28
International Court prohibits permanent work on Kishanganga 29
Burma: Myitsone dam on the Irrawaddy dropped 30
Three Gorges Dam triggered 3,000 earthquakes 31
NEW PUBLICATION: ADB hydro project report in HP in HINDI 32

November 2011

October 2011

Page No
Scam: UNFCCC registers Rampur hydro 1
Reviving Adan River through conservation and employment generation 2
Himachal bans hydropower projects in Tirthan & tributaries 4
Traditional Water Management Systems of E Vidarbha: Community Conservation 5
Dams, Rivers and Ecology 9
Novel Conservation reserves on Kali, Bedthi and Aghanashini in the Western Ghats 12
Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment in Western Ghats 15
Lohit Basin Study by WAPCOS: A mockery of e-flows and cumulative impacts 17
Dam Planners not accounting for climate change 20
ISRO: Himalayan glaciers are receding 21
FAC members critical of corrupt Forest bureaucracy 22
HC orders fresh public hearing for Lanco Project 23
Mismanagement of Hirakud leads to avoidable flood disaster in Orissa AGAIN 24
Polavaram: Tenders lead to fresh controversy 25
Sindhol Hydro opposed in Orissa 26
Activists in Dibang being branded as Maoists 27
Teesta Dams & the Sikkim Earthquake 28
Growing opposition to big hydro in Himachal Pradesh 29
Bichhri case revisited: SC penalises polluting industry to evade court orders 30
HC order: No construction within 500 m of High Flood Level of Ganga and Yamuna 31

September 2011

August 2011

Page No
AHEC-IITR’s Ganga Basin Report: Flawed, Shoddy, Biased & Unacceptable 1
The Official EAC on RVP critical of Ganga Basin Cumulative Impact Report 8
Ganga Basin Cumulative Assessment: A review of River Ecology Aspects 9
Ganga Basin Cumulative Assessment: A review of Water Quality Aspects 14
DAMS for Mumbai: No EIA, No Clearances, No hearings, no monitoring 15
National Wetlands Atlas: Baby step in Right Direction 19
Workshop on Reservoir Operation Management in Kerala 24
IMD: Climate Change has induced increased flood risk in India 25
Adverse Impacts of Lower Subansiri 26
Report: ADB’s green label not working for 4 Himachal Hydro projects 27
Vidarbha farmers demand white paper on Irrigation Scam and Water Theft 28
IIM Report: Gujarat’s high Agri growth Not due to SSP 29
Leader trying to protect wetlands shot dead in W Bengal 30
Ramesh clears 40 wildlife affecting projects in two hours without discussion 31
NEW REPORT, Eliot on Rivers 32

July 2011

June 2011

May 2011

Page No
Analysis of TAC guidelines and decisions in recent meetings 1
Conflicts over water in Chile – Between Human Rights and Market Rules 2
Dying Rivers of Goa: Impact of mining on water resources 10
Blue Rivers of Meghalaya 13
Small Projects, Big impacts: Micro & mini hydel projects in Himachal Pradesh 15
Himachal Fisheries Department compromises rivers for money 16
Subarnarekha: A Streak of radioactive pollution? 17
Maharashtra amends water authority bill, cabinet gets unaccountable powers 18
BOOK REVIEW: In search of Yamuna 19
Interlinking of Rivers in Bihar 20
Inequality & climate Vulnerability Linked 23
Dams in the Western Ghats to quench Mumbai’s never ending demands 24
Villagers construct their own dams in Chhattisgarh 25
High Court puts on hold Mini-hydel projects in Western Ghats 26
Demand of release of freshwater into Yamuna round the year: key issues 27
Yamuna Bachao Andolan: To make the river flow 28
Fate of Trouts in of J & Kashmir streams 29
Jairam Ramesh: Ken Betwa Linking Disastrous 30
World Bank, India to help Afghanistan build Kabul River dams 31

April 2011

Page No
Maharashtra gifts farmers’ water to industries 1
CIC orders CWC to disclose backwater studies in public interest 2
Bihar Success Story in System of Crop Intensification 3
Bihar Floods, Breaching Embankments and Suppressing Information 8
A Review of Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal-2 Report 10
Climate Change in Jharkhand: Extreme rain deficit 13
SC Slams Govt on Gosikhurd rehabilitation 14
Sardar Sarovar will take 176 years: Gujarat MLA 16
Below 16% allocation for Artificial Recharge of Groundwater could be spent 17
Corruption in Kulu HEPs: Officers under scanner 19
Successful Participatory Irrigation Development in Vidarbha 20
Communities construct their own canals 21
High Court: Limit withdrawal to 50% from rivers 22
UN: Eco-Farming Could Double Food Output 23
Chhattisgarh proposal for River linkage: For private benefits? 24
Chhattisgarh: Bogda dam sold for Private TPS? 25
Kerala law to hold Coke accountable for the damages in Plachimada 26
China water crisis and why dams wont help, but could worsen the crisis 27
US: Dangers behind Aging Dams 30
European Parliament asks World Bank not to fund big hydro, big dams 31

West Flowing Rivers

March 2011

February 2011

The continuing farce called conditional clearances 1
Global Crop Water Footprint 3
Violation of environment law by Four Himachal HEPs: Will MEF act? 4
River Schools can make the future look bright 14
How debris affect Himalayan Glaciers 17
MEF to AP: Implement Forest Rights Act in Polavaram Area 18
BBMB refuses to provide irrigation water to Bhakra oustees 19
Sardar Sarovar Land scam: IAS officers taken to High Court 20
Review all Arunachal Dams: Assam CM to PM 21
Ranganadi downstream affected demand compensation 22
TN HC: shut down Tirupur units or polluting Noyyal River 24
Sand mining of rivers in Uttar Pradesh goes to High Court 25
Padyatra against Par Tapi Narmada River Link Proposal 29
US report says climate change can stir Indo Pak conflict 30
Writings on the Wall 32

January 2011

Wetland Rules 2010: Welcome, but won’t help wetlands 1
Water Crisis in Ramsar Wetlands of India 7
Can India be firm with China on Brahmaputra basin dams? 12
Why MoEF needs to urgently take up some systemic tough actions 14
Climate Change and Manipur’s wetlands 15
India dodged UN to get climate credits? 16
Kishau dam a National Project? Serious Questions about MWR 17
INDIAN EXPRESS at it again: Blind advocacy FOR dams 18
Srinagar HEP challenged in High Court and CEC 19
Scam in the Maharashtra Irrigation Projects? 20
Big Polluters of Orissa 21
FAO predicts Food Crisis in 2011 22
China: 36 punished over fatal dam breach 23
Writings on the Wall 24