What’s New – 2012

December 2012

Dams are a Fishy Business 1
Box: Experts on Fish Ladders 5
FAC Violating the FRA 2006 6
Thirsty Rivers, Bygone Fishes, Hungry Societies 7
Loksabha Quotes on Ganga 9
How Many Dams on Chenab 11
The Himalayas: High Dam Density 14
Yamuna: National Shame 16
Whitewash of MAHA Scam
Maharashtra Water Disputes 21
Indore Urban Water Study 24
Methane Emission of Dams 26
Inspiring Microhydro 27
Groundwater Mining and Sealevel Rise 28
Ganga Water, Carcinogenic 29
Recognizing Rights of Rivers 30

November 2012

October 2012

Rivers, the Most Endangered Species 1
Excerpts from FAC Report on Rupsiabagar Hydro 9
MAHA Irrigation Scam 10
Mah Water Audit: Myth and Reality 17
GOG’s Poor Track Record on Water 20
Letter to NWRC on NWP Suggestions 21
Extremely Weak CAG Audit on Hydro 22
Climate Water Mission to be Dropped? 24
Bhutan HEPs Threaten Endangered Species 25
Churning in Nepal Power Sector 26
New Publication from SANDRP 28

September 2012

August 2012

Damaged Rivers, Collapsing Fisheries: Impacts of Dams on riverine fisheries 1
‘How our river changed in front of our eyes’: Impacts of Adan Dam on Fisheries in Maharashtra 8
Bhakra dams management: Callous, ad-hoc reservoir operation again 10
Dams, Agriculture and Drought 12
Mahrashtra Politicians’ increasingly clearer Dam Scam Links: Were the Political links with Big dam lobby ever more obvious? 14
Canal Irrigation in Maharashtra: Present Status 17
MoEF reconstitutes Forest Advisory Committee Pro industry, Anti Forests, violation of SC directions 22
Macro  Impacts  of  Mini Hydel Projects in Karnataka 25

July 2012

June 2012

The People, Piety, Pollution and Politics of Ganga 1
Irrigation and Water Systems in Bundelkhand’s Lalitpur District 7
CDM for 780 MW Nyamjang Chhu HEP: theatre of the absurd? 10
WII’s CIA of Ganga HEPs on biodiversity: step in the right direction 12
India Water Week: Can we wish away ecological crisis of rivers? 15
Climate Change led to collapse of Harrapan civilization 16
NGT says no to filling Maheshwar dam reservoir 17
Maharashtra cancels the Kondhane dam 19
Karnataka High Court on SHPs: Govt number one enemy of forests 20
Lahaul Valley villagers protest against HEPs 22
Remunicipalisation – Putting water back into public hands 23
Fisheries support over 4 lakh along Wainaganga River 24
Protecting food diversity through Organic Farming 25
Hydro dams pose threat to tourism in Nepa 26
Pak Fisherfolk protest against decreasing water in rivers & dams 27
New Publication from SANDRP: Water options for India in CC 28
Why Inter-linking of Rivers is neither necessary, nor Desirable 1
Public statement from citizens on SC order on ILR 5
No Minister, Pune doesn’t need a new dam 7
Need for integrated view on urban waste water: case Study of Delhi 9
Managing Embankments to Manage Disasters 14
Silt eating into storage capacity of Karnataka’s dams 18
High Court Stays work on Kalu Dam 19
Members of the NGRBA resign; NGRBA meeting on April 17 20
Groundwater a shock absorber in changing climate 21
Streams need trees to withstand climate change 22
“Ban CDM credits for large hydro” 23
Union Env. Minister has no time for indigenous people of ArP 24
Sikkim cancels two projects on Rangit; Tashiding faces protests 26
Nyamjang Chhu HEP would destroy Zemithang valley 27
India Tops List of Virtual Water Exporters 28
Madhya Pradesh to launch bio-health monitoring of Narmada River 29
ESG gets UN Water for Life best practice award 30
Potential of water saving in SRI 31
New Publication from SANDRP: Water options for India in a Changing Climate 32
Page No
Dismal power generation performance of large hydro in NE India 1
IE Journalist awards: There is conflict of Interest here, Sir 5
Draft National Policy 2012 largely seeks to help the vested interests 6
Clearance for L Demwe: MEF overrules all ind NBWL members 9
Diverse ecosystems can work as climate change buffer 14
Meghalaya eyes CDM credits to recover loss under Leshka HEP 15
Illegal dams for Mumbai: Kalu, Balganga, Susari 16
Purna dam: wrong assessment leads to loss of Rs 180 crores 17
NBA’s Jamin Hakk Sangharsh 18
ALSTOM under scrutiny by Norway on corruption issues 19
Arunachal Pradesh: Anjaw district’s micro hydro revolution 20
National Green Tribunal: All Citizens have right to contest projects 21
Alaknanda Hydro: Haggling for environment flow in EAC meetings 22
Himachal govt way of Buying silence, manufacturing consent 23
NEW PUBLICATION: ADB hydro project report in HP in HINDI 24