What’s New – 2013

Some Important Documents:

December 2013

November 2013

Index PageNo
Ten Times Bigger Mohanpura Dam in Madhya Pradesh 1
Bansujara Dam: Another Shoddy EIA by WAPCOS 5
Community Fish Sanctuaries protect the fish and their rivers 9
Mah ignores Riverine Fisheries 11
E-flows in India – groping in darkness 12
MEF Committee on UKD Hydro: Need full mandate 14
A different COP that actually addresses climate change 15
New Publication: Yamuna Manifesto 16
Kasturirangan Report – a blueprint for political polarization in Kerala? 17
Gujrat builds Garudeshwar weir, Statue of Unity Without Clearances 20
“Address Impacts of Small Hydel Projects” 21
Media Hype Vs Reality 23
Hydro power projects violating SC order in greenest state of India 25
North East India Update 29
New Flood Forecasting System from Bangladesh 31
SANDRP’s short film on “Flood Ravage and the Dams of Uttarakhand” 32

October 2013

September 2013

Curtain Raiser on the events at NHPC’s 280 MW Dhauliganga HEP 1
Yettinahole Diversion: An imprudent, Rs. 100 Billion proposition 5
Public pressure leads to changes in dam operation 13
CAG blows the lid off Massive irrigation scam in Andhra Pradesh 18
Unjustified Dam plagued by manipulated clearances 21
Supreme Court’s directions on Uttarakhand Hydropower Projects 25
Letter to MoEF about reconstituted Expert Appraisal Committee on River Valley Projects 27
Latest Blogs from SANDRP 28

August 2013

July 2013

Uttarakhand Flood Disaster: Role of Human Actions 1
Central Water Commission’s (CWC) non-existent Flood Forecasting in Uttarakhand 6
How do they add to the disaster potential in Uttarakhand? 7
THDC & CWC Claims about Tehri: Truth versus the Hype 22
Suspend ECs to Hydropower Projects in Uttarakhand; Institute independent enquiry into the role of HEPs in increasing the disaster 23
Lessons not learnt in Uttarakhand from Past Disasters or Reports 26
Uttarakhand Floods disaster: Lessons for Himalayan states 29
Lessons from Uttarakhand disaster for selection of River Valley Expert Committee: Select Independent persons with clean track record; don’t select any of the current members 31
Latest Blogs from SANDRP 32

June 2013

May 2013

Comment on IMG (BK Chaturvedi) report on Upper Ganga Hydro and the river 1
Kalu Dam: Shocking decision by the Forest Advisory Committee 13
Lakhwar Dam Project on Yamuna : Why the project should not go ahead 17
How efficient is Maharashtra’s Sugarcane crop? 21 21
Why Solapur, Sugarcane and Sustainability do not rhyme? 24
Agitation holds work at Parbati-III HEP 30
Dams may trigger more quakes in Kashmir: Gaur 31
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April 2013

March 2013

How is 2012-13 Drought in Maharashtra worse than the 1972 one? 1
Another sop for Mah Sugar Industry 6
Maharashtra’s Sugar Shackles 7
Vertebrate fauna of the Chambal River Basin, particularly in the NCS 10
No More Mini Hydel Projects in Karnataka Western Ghats 13
Dam Decommissioning as an Environmental Priority 14
Box: Experience from Penobscot River, USA 20
Anti Dam protests in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh 22
Journey from cooperation to conflict 23
How much do we know about our dams and rivers? 30
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February 2013

January 2013

Analysis of MoEF’s Expert Approval Committee 1
TOR and EC status in North India 15
State wise, river basin wise overview of projects in North India 17
TOR and EC status in North East India 18
State wise, river basin wise overview of projects in North East India 21
TOR and EC status in East India 22
State wise, river basin wise overview of projects in East India 23
TOR and EC status in West India 24
State wise, river basin wise overview of projects in West India 26
TOR and EC status in South India 27
State wise, river basin wise overview of projects in South India 28
Reject Environment Clearance to Luhri: Letter from 60 to MoEF and EAC 29
New Publication from SANDRP 32