What’s New – 2010

December 2010

The strong case for reducing the FRL of Gandhi Sagar Dam 1
Sustainable water management in Konkan under threat 5
Kalpsar: Modi’s hankering for illusory legacy of mega water project 8
Indian Express Campaigns for Big Hydro in North East 10
PILs lead to the framing of Policy on Sand Mining for Maharashtra 13
India’s 1st Climate Impact Assessment Report 14
Global Temperature could rise by 4 C by 2060 15
Protests against Kalu dam near Mumbai 16
Past misdeeds haunts Kol Dam 17
Serious Water Hazards of Shale Gas Exploration Policy 18
Thermal Merchant Power Plants: Threat to Ecology and Livelihoods 20
Capacity Trading in Power Market 21
South Asia: IDSA task force report on water security 22
Pakistan: The World Bank’s Indus indictment 23
Poem: अब बन􀉅ग े बांध आंस कू 24

November 2010

October 2010

Page No
Polavaram: Is Jairam Ramesh bending over backwards to support? 1
SSP: Dam lobby arm twists Planning Commission to take a U turn 3
Bhakra: Need for clearly defined norms for reservoir operations 5
Kosi disaster of 2008: CWC is abdicating its responsibility 7
Dev Nadi in Pune: How the citizen initiative is treated by the govt 10
Book Review: Questions on the ‘Value’ of a river for Indians 12
Leh disaster due to climate change: Defence Institute 14
Use of Traditional Knowledge to adopt to climate change 15
Research on Melt water contribution for Himalayan Rivers 16
Bamboo for sustainability & climate friendly growth 18
Rs 150 cr Gararda dam collapse in Rajasthan 19
Tehri causes floods: Will there be accountability? 20
Delhi water privatisation starts with Vasant Kunj 21
Pakistan: Voices on the Super Flood 22
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September 2010

August 2010

Why is UPA showing such utter disdain for Rivers? 1
Unprecedented floods in Ghaggar Basin in July 2010 2
Free flowing rivers around the world 7
Open Letter to Delhi CM: Is there a case for Renuka Dam? 12
A village at the mercy of the Bagmati and Bihar government 14
Artificial glaciers to survive global warming 16
8.5 lakh ha under System of Rice Intensification in Tamil Nadu 17
Planning Commission critical of Interlinking of Rivers 18
Draft Dam Safety Bill approved, but will it help? 19
Polavaram: AP tries to hoodwink to get National Status 20
Babli row between Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra 21
Under scanner IVRCL eyes Hydro foray 22
Devsari dam public hearing cancelled for the 2nd time 23
Successful campaign against Rupsiyabagar Khasiyabada HEP 24
Gujarat is numero uno in river pollution 26
89 towns in Rajasthan get water by train 27
Floods breach century old records in Pakistan: 1500 dead 28
Nepal: Kosi High Dam survey faces opposition 29
Renew able capacity addition surpasses big hydro in 2009 30
A bright future for hydro without dams 31
Your Letters 32

July 2010

June 2010

Neglect of Rainfed Area, Bounty of Rainfall 1
Reflections on the Nature of Transformational Initiatives 2
Declining Generation of Big Hydro Projects 5
Why the Neogal HEP does not deserve CDM Credits 7
NHPC’s Sewa HEP: Bad case of hydro project 10
Rivers, People and Climate Change in South Asia 11
SSP: 7000 crore reward for inefficiency, diversions and corruption 17
I feel anguished about Narmada: Jairam Ramesh 18
Jairam Ramesh errs in China on Brahmaputra hydro 19
Landslide strikes Chamera III HEP 20
Bhutan: Clouds over SJVN projects 21
Clearer picture of China’s dangerous Brahmaputra plan 22
Fisherfolks fight for healthy Rivers 23
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May 2010

April 2010

  • Workshop: Rivers, People and Climate Change in South Asia
    When: WEDNESDAY 21 April 2010 Time: 2-5 pm.Where: Room: 313, Indian Social Institute, New DelhiOrganised by the India Climate Justice GroupAs part of the Assembly towards a Union of South Asian Peoples (22-23 April)The impacts of climate change on rivers in South Asia are being felt in multiple ways: glacial melting, flash floods, landslides, droughts and intermittent rainfall – all of this entails severe consequences for people and the environment. Despite this serious threat, Governments in South Asia are continuing with a cavalier business as usual attitude. Several massive dams, diversions and hydro projects are being constructed or are in the planning stages in Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh and India. The increased involvement of the private sector in hydro power and other water related projects in the region is likely to further compound the problem.

    We foresee several flashpoints such as the Himalayan region, Indus Basin and North East India.

    This workshop will not only discuss the current scenario, but more importantly address the urgent need for a people and ecology centred approach that will help in creating accord rather than discord over rivers in the region. (For more details see attached concept note)

    Speakers include:

    Himanshu Thakkar (South Asia Network on Dams Rivers and Peoples)
    Ravindranath (River Basin Friends)
    Medha Bisht (Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses)
    Rezaul Karim Chowdhury (Equity and Justice Working Group)
    Speaker from Pakistan
    Speaker from Nepal–TBC
    Speaker from Himalaya Niti Abhiyan

    Moderator: Rohan D Souza (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

    ATTACHED: Workshop Concept Note:

    For more information contact:
    Dithhi: secretariat@ntui.org.in (91-9968298634)
    Benny Kuruvilla: bennyk@focusweb.org (91-9873921191)

  • Why Teesta 6 should not get CDM status, April 2010
    Key Words: Teesta VI Hydropower Project, Sikkim, Lanco Energy Private Limited, Clean Development Mechanism, UNFCCC, Non Additional, Business As Usual, CEA, MERC, PPA
  • Why Ken Betwa EIA is unacceptable April 2010
    Key Words: Ken Betwa RiverLink, Interlinking of Rivers, Environment Impact Assessment, Agriculture Finance Corporation Limited, Bias, Incompetent 
Kerala’s initiative to desilt reservoirs: the Euphoria & the Concerns 1
Book Review: Why are the rivers source of conflicts? 5
Why are NWDA & MWR making a farce of the ILR expert committee 6
Sikkim Glaciers are melting 6
Climate friendly, viable Sewage treatment plants 8
Impact of climate change on India’s SW monsoon 9
Andhra Irrigation Projects under PMO scanner for corruption 10
Gujarat makes up stories about Sardar Sarovar Project 11
Corruption in construction of Ghaggar weir in Punjab: Govt report 12
Karcham Wangtoo HEP: Landslides & death, people demand probe 13
Norway’s SN Power has poor track record: Independent report 14
Non dam hydro turbines to be tests on Amazone 15
Snow and glacier melt contributes 59% to Sutlej River at Bhakhra 16
Need for People’s food security mission: WASSAN 17
Kerala govt committee recommends Rs 216 crore fine on Coke 18
Only 13-17% water losses in Mumbai, Chennai, why not Delhi? 19
Bhutan Hydro also means Debts, drying rivers and displacement 20
Mid Marsyangdi: Worst case of Nepal HEP: PAC report 21
Pakistan: Glacial lake dam threatens Hunza Valley 22
World Bank’s Double speak on Large Hydro: Renewable or not? 23
Publications available with SANDRP 24

March 2010

  • New Book available with SANDRP- Public Private Partnerships  In Water Sector: Partnerships or Privatisation? (Details)

February 2010

  • Interlinking of Rivers: Article in Mail Today 19.02.2010 Rahul’s river link danger to tigers
  • Invitation to a lecture by Mr Robert Oates, Director, Thames Rivers Restoration Trust (TRRT), on 16 February 2010, 3 pm at the INTACH Head Office in New Delhi

January 2010

Index Page No
India’s stand at Copenhagen: Pillars built on Sand? 1
NHPC’s questionable Awards: S Bhattacharya and H Thakkar 3
One of the architects of the Adivasis’ misery: Gladson Dungdung 4
Sikkim Glaciers are melting 6
Climate Change threatens Apple crop in Himachal: ICAR 7
Copenhagen cop out: Praful Bidwai 8
Water bodies more vital than housing: Madras High Court 9
Keoladeo National Park: crucial water supply work yet to start 10
The many U-turns of the Sardar Sarovar Project 12
Jairam seeks review of Ken Betwa Link 13
Ukai dam has water for sugarcane, none for paddy! 14
Protest against Tidong HEP in Himachal 15
‘Hydro’ state Himachal has high tariffs, import bill! 16
Payment for eco services to be part of CAT plan 17
The Subansiri gold rush 18
Downstream impacts of Arunachal HEPs 19
National bio-policy: A wasted effort 20
Maharashtra tells power companies to use recycled drain water 21
‘Back to Nature’ cuts flood risks: US study 22
Damanganga River destroyed by Vapi industries 23
Cities destroying rivers 24
No evidence of diversion of Bramhaputra water, says govt 25
What is the value of Prime Minister’s promise on Yamuna? 26
Punjab Plans to clean Sutlej, Beas 27
Success of farming without chemicals in Andhra Pradesh 28
Indian Express twists facts again: Pushes Bt Cotton without basis 29
Six public hearings simultaneously: High Court cancels clearances 30
Eyewitness account: China’s dam builders go global 31
Prayas Hindi booklet on electricity reforms 32