CWC - Central Water Commission

2022: Overview of CWC’s Flood Monitoring Sites in North East India

During monsoon CWC (Central Water Commission) monitors water level at several hundred sites in the county and publishes this information on its Flood Forecast website[I]. The website has three ways to get this information: Data Flow Map, List Based Exploration, and Hydrograph view. The Hydrograph view provides information for past 72 hours, supposed to be updated every hour. This is in addition to the list of current forecasts listed on the website.

Since 2018, SANDRP has been analyzing CWC’s flood forecast website in zone wise manner. After examining status of flood forecast and monitoring sites in North Indian[II] states, this overview is for North East India region covering Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram and Sikkim states. This also includes part of North West Bengal that is in Brahmaputra basin. Our 2018 and 2019 analysis on the North East region can be seen here[III] and here[IV].  .

Abbreviations List

Level ForecastLF
Level MonitoringLM
Inflow ForecastIF
Warning LevelWL
Danger LevelDL
Highest Flood LevelHFL
Hydrograph ActiveHA
Full Reservoir LevelFRL
Maximum Water LevelMWL
Not AvailableNA


Arunachal Pradesh had 11 flood monitoring sites comprised of 2 Level Forecast (LF) and 9 Level Monitoring (LM) sites which were increased to 21 by adding 1 LF and 9 LM sites. As of July 2022, the CWC has added 9 more LM sites in the state taking the final tally to 30 sites including 3 LF and 27 LM sites.

CWC has corrected several inaccuracies which were earlier highlighted by SANDRP. However, there are still some issues as mentioned below which require CWC’s attention.

The state has no Inflow Forecast (IF) site. Highest Flood Level (HFL), date for Yinkiang LF site is still missing.  The river name, WL, DL, HFL and date has been changed for Namsai LF site without any clarification. River name for Bolent and Jotte LM sites has been changed from Siyum to Siang and from Dikrong to Sinki respectively. Name of Muruga bridge LM site has been changed to Murga bridge.

Out of 27 LM sites HFL, date is not mentioned for 9 sites while hydrographs for 5 LM sites is inactive which means only 22 LM sites are currently working. Additionally, hydrographs for most of the sites are running late by 6 to 3 hours.

Arunachal Pradesh List Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWLDLHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1YinkiangSiang / BrahmaputraUpper Siang303304NANAYes
2PassighatSiang / BrahmaputraEast Siang152.96153.96157.5411.06.2000Yes
3NamsaiNao Dehing/ BrahmaputraLohit144.8145.8146.631.08.1974Yes
  Lohit/ Brahmaputra 140.6141.1144.4607.10.1979 

Arunachal Pradesh List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1HayuliangLohit/ BrahmaputraAnjaw4595.4704.09.2008Yes
2KibithuLohit/ BrahmaputraAnjaw1230.2611.08.2017Yes
3TezuLohit/ BrahmaputraLohit192.1416.07.1996Yes
4PagodaLohit/ BrahmaputraNamsaiNANAYes
5LemekingSubansiri/ BrahmaputraUpper Subansiri1107.1627.07.2016Yes 
6DaporizoSubansiri / BrahmaputraUpper Subansiri213.915.10.1987Yes
7Subansiri Lower DamSubansiri/ BrahmaputraLower SubansiriNANANo
8TamenSubansiri/ BrahmaputraLower SubansiriNANAYes
9YazaliRanganadi/ BrahmaputraLower Subansiri623.114.06.2008No
10TutingSiang / BrahmaputraUpper Siang435.9306.09.2010Yes
11YingkiongSiang/ BrahmaputraUpper SiangNANAYes
12PanginSiang/ BrahmaputraEast SiangNANAYes
13BolengSiang/ BrahmaputraWest SiangNANAYes
14SeppaKamang/ BrahmaputraEast Kameng342.626.06.1998Yes
15BhalukpongKameng/ BrahmaputraWest Kameng141.7916.06.1989Yes
16BanaKamang / BrahmaputraWest KamengNANANo
17Kabu bastiSiyum/ BrahmaputraWest Siang256.7824.081999Yes
18Mechuka Siyum/ BrahmaputraWest SiangNANANo
19MiaoNao Dehing / BrahmaputraChanglang241.5709.07.2004Yes
20MotipurNao Dehing / BrahmaputraChanglang218.1626.06.2012Yes
21DoimukhDikrong/ BrahmaputraPapum Pare121.0817.06.2022Yes
22JollangSinki/ BrahmaputraPapum PareNANAYes
23JotteSinki/ BrahmaputraPapum PareNANAYes
24ChimpuSinki/ BrahmaputraPapum PareNANAYes
25China BridgeManas / BrahmaputraTawangNANAYes 
26Murga Bridge Tawang Chu/ BrahmaputraTawangNANAYes
27MS JangMago Chu/ BrahmaputraTawangNANANo

Arunachal Pradesh List of New Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrictHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1HayuliangLohit/ BrahmaputraAnjaw4595.4704.09.2008Yes
2Subansiri L DamSubansiri/ BrahmaputraLower SubansiriNANANo
3TamenSubansiri/ BrahmaputraLower SubansiriNANAYes
4BanaKamang  / BrahmaputraWest KamengNANANo
5Mechuka Siyum/ BrahmaputraWest SiangNANANo
6MotipurNao Dehing / BrahmaputraChanglang218.1626.06.2012Yes
7DoimukhDikrong/ BrahmaputraPapum Pare121.0817.06.2022Yes
8ChimpuSinki/ BrahmaputraPapum PareNANAYes
9MS JangMago Chu/ BrahmaputraTawangNANANo


As of July 2022, there are 83 sites listed in the state. In last 2 years, CWC has upgraded 6 LM sites into LF sites, added 3 new LM sites and has removed 39 LM sites; list of all these sites are given in separate tables below. 

Moreover, CWC has repeated 2 LF and 2 LM sites while 2 LM sites are inactive. These 6 sites are mentioned but not calculated in this analysis. Therefore, currently there are 77 flood monitoring sites active in Assam including 36 LF and 41 LM sites. The state has no IF site. The other problems in LF and LM sites in state are mentioned below separately.

Assam: Issues in LF sites 1 Mathanguri was earlier LM site in Barpeta district with 102.28 m as HFL dated 30.10.1973. It has been upgraded into LF site in Chirang district and HFL has been changed to 100.28 m without the date. New HFL is lower than old one.

2. Bokajan LM site has been upgraded into LF site. Its WL is missing.

3. CWC has increased WL and DL for Numaligarh, Neamatighat and Puthimari NH Rd Xing LF sites without any explanation.   

4. The date for previous HFL for Dhubri LF site was changed to 28.081988 from 01.08.1989.

5. The Mathanguri LF site is now listed in Chirang district. Its HFL is changed to 100.28 m without mentioning the date. Earlier it was put in Barpeta district with 102.28 m as HFL dated. 30.10.1973. The old HFL is higher than the new one.

6. CWC has 2 sites named Dholai. Previously both were LM sites with same HFL, date. But now one has been upgraded into LF site for which WL is not given.

7. CWC has upgraded Fulertal LM site into LF site but has not given the WL which was shown in hydrograph on 21.06.2022 when old HFL was breached at this site.

8. CWC has repeated Matijuri site (previously spelt Matizuri). One is LF site and second one is LM site with same HFL, date.

9. HFL date for Annapurnaghat has been changed from 02.09.1989 to 01.08.1989.

Assam: Issues in LM sites 1. CWC has changed districts for Matunga, DRF, Harangajao, Suklai, Panbari, Bahalpur, Lakhipur, Borkhola, Fakirabazar and Badarpur Ghat LM sites. Similarly, river names have been changed for Badarpur Ghat, Dihingmukh and Fakirabazar LM sites. The old districts are given separately in rows below the particular sites.

2. CWC has also changed the name of AP Ghat and BP Ghat to Annapurana Ghat and Badarpur Ghat. Interestingly, there are 2 LF sites with same name.

3. The hydrograph for DRF LM site suggests technical error in data entry on 19.06.2022 when the site is mentioned as crossing old HFL.

4. The previous HFL 101.05 m dated 18.061995 for Gelabil LM site is higher than 99.34 m dated 29.08.1999.

5. The old HFL for Suklai LM site 76.18 m dated 12.09.1983 is higher than 75.73 m dated 25.09.2018 and 75.85 m dated 25.06.2020 which is its current HFL. It is worth to mention that the river has touched the 75.85 m HFL on 16.06.2022 this year.

6. The Dudhnai and Dudhnoi LM sites are same but listed twice by CWC.

7. CWC has added Bazar in Gumra LM site but has not named the river which is given by us on the basis of previous record.

8. HFL dates for about 11 LM site is missing. Hydrographs for several LM sites is running late by 02 to 05 hours.

Assam List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1MargheritaBuridehing/ BrahmaputraTinsukia133.42134.42137.5126.08.1988Yes
2NaharkatiaBuridehing/ BrahmaputraDibrugarh119.4120.4122.6917.06.1973Yes
3Chenimari (Khowang)Buridehing/ BrahmaputraDibrugarh101.11102.11104.1602.09.2015Yes
4BokajanDhansiri (S)/ BrahmaputraKarbi AnglongNA133.3135.1309.10.1986Yes
5GolaghatDhansiri (S)/ BrahmaputraGolaghat88.589.592.4511.10.1986Yes
6NumaligarhDhansiri (S)/ BrahmaputraGolaghat77.4278.4280.1602.08.2018Yes
7DholabazarLohit/ BrahmaputraTinsukia127.27128.27130.0722.09.2012Yes
8DillighatDesang/ BrahmaputraDibrugarh128129129.6528.08.1977Yes
9NanglamoraghatDesang/ BrahmaputraSibsagar93.4694.4696.4906.09.1998Yes
10DibrugarhBrahmaputra/ BrahmaputraDibrugarh104.7105.7106.4803.09.1998Yes
11NeamatighatBrahmaputra/ BrahmaputraJorhat84.5485.5487.3711.07.1991Yes
12TezpurBrahmaputra/ BrahmaputraSonitpur64.2365.2366.5927.08.1988Yes
13Guwahati (DC Court)Brahmaputra/ Brahmaputra  Kamrup48.6849.6851.4621.07.2004Yes
14GoalparaBrahmaputra/ BrahmaputraGaolpara35.2736.2737.4331.07.1954Yes
15DhubriBrahmaputra/ BrahmaputraDhubri27.6228.6230.3717.07.2019Yes
16BihubarDikhow/ BrahmaputraSibsagar100101104.7724.06.1998Yes
17SivasagarDikhow/ BrahmaputraSibsagar91.492.494.2422.06.2020Yes
18ChouldhowaghatSubansiri/ BrahmaputraLakhimpur99.43100.43101.3127.07.1972Yes
19BadatighatSubansiri/ BrahmaputraLakhimpur81.5382.5386.2128.07.1972Yes
20MathanguriManas/ BrahmaputraChirang98.199.1100.28NAYes
   Barpeta  102.2830.10.1973 
21Manas NH CrossingManas/ BrahmaputraBongaigaon47.8148.4250.0815.09.1984Yes
22Ranganadi NT Rd XingRanganadi/ TeestaLakhimpur93.8194.8195.9202.07.1979Yes
23NT Rd X Jia- BharaliJiabharali/ BrahmaputraSonitpur767778.526.07.2007Yes
24KampurKopili/ BrahmaputraNagaon59.560.562.218.06.2022Yes
25DharamtulKopili/ BrahmaputraMarigaon555658.0921.07.2004Yes
26Pagladiya NT Rd XingPagladiya/ BrahmaputraNailbari51.7552.7555.4508.07.2004Yes
27Puthimari NH Rd XingPuthimari/ BrahmaputraKamrup51.3152.3155.0831.08.2008Yes
28Beki Road BridgeBeki/ BrahmaputraBarpeta44.
29KokrajharGaurang/ BrahmaputraKokrajhar41.8542.8543.620.08.2015Yes
30GolokganjSankosh/ BrahmaputraDubri28.9429.9430.9508.09.2007Yes
31DholaiRukni/ Barak & othersCacharNA24.5828.2422.07.1993Yes
 DholaiRukni/Barak & othersCachar  28.2422.07.1993Yes
32FulertalBarak/ Barak & othersCachar22.88 23.8826.4321.06.2022Yes
33AnnapurnaghatBarak/ Barak & othersCachar18.8319.8321.8401.08.1989Yes
34BadarpurghatBarak/ Barak & othersCachar15.8516.8518.4811.09.2007Yes
35MatijuriKatakhal/ Barak & othersHailakandi19.2720.2722.7310-09-2007Yes
 MatijuriKatakhal/ Barak & othersHailakandi  22.7310.09.2007Yes
36KarimganjKushiyara/ Barak & othersKarimganj13.9414.9416.5710.06.2010Yes

Assam List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1MatungaKalanadi/ BrahmaputraBaksa168.1819.07.1980Yes
2DRFPuthumari/ BrahmaputraBaksa144.5119.06.2022Yes
3HarangajaoJatinga/ Barak & OtherDima Hasao134.607.06.1996Yes
   North Cachar Hills   
4DesangpaniDesang/ BrahmaputraSibsagar106.2624.04.2016Yes
5GelabilDoyang/ BhrahmaputraGolaghat99.3429.08.1999Yes 
6SuklaiSuklai/ BrahmaputraBaksa75.8525.06.2020Yes
7KheronighatKopili/ Barak & othersKarbi Analong74.9217.06.2022Yes
8JagibhakatgaonKopili/ BrahmaputraMarigaon55.7522.07.2004Yes
9BhomoraguriBrahmaputra/ BrahmaputraSonitpur67.1813.08.2017Yes
10PANBARIManas/ BrahmaputraChirang55.9607.07.1991Yes
11KULSI Kulsi/ BrahmaputraKamrup55.5908.10.2004Yes
12SONAPUR Digaru/ BrahmaputraKamrup55.515.10.1991Yes
13AIE NH XINGAie/ BekiBarpeta53.2621.08.2015Yes
14DUDHNAIDudhnai/ BrahmaputraGoalpara51.2722.09.2014No
 DudhnoiDudhnai/ BrahmaputraGoalparaNANAYes
16PANCHARATNA Brahmaputra/ BrahmaputraGoalpara36.6506.09.1998Yes
17GharmuraDhaleswari/ Barak & othersHailakandi36.5113.06.2018Yes
18BAHALPURChampamati/ BrahmaputraDhubri35.815.06.1995Yes
19MonierkhalSonai/ Barak & othersCachar32.1801.08.1989Yes
20BALADOBASankosh/ BrahmaputraDHUBRI30.70.-09.2007Yes
21AmraghatBarak/ BarakCachar29.9931.07.1989Yes
22LakhipurBarak/ Barak & othersGoalpara26.9631.07.1989Yes
23SibapurBarak/  Barak & othersCacharNANAYes
24TULARGRAMSonai/ Barak & othersCachar24.73 01.08.1989Yes        
25Annapurna GhatBarak/ Barak & othersCachar21.76311.09.2007Yes
 AP Ghat     
26BorkholaJatinga/ Barak & OthersKarimganj21.707.06.1993Yes
 BorkholaJatinga/ Barak & OthersCacharNANAYes
27ANIPURSingla/ Barak & othersKarimganj2015.09.1984Yes
29KaliganjLongai/ Barak & OthersKarimganjNANAYes
30Badarpur GhatRukni/ Barak & othersKarimganj18.4812.09.2007Yes           
 B.P. GhatBarakKarimpur   
31GUMRA BazarKushiyaraCachar18.3525.06.1988Yes            
32DihingmukhBuridehing/ BrahmaputraSIBSAGARNANAYes
 KulicheraRukni/ Barak & othersCacharNANANo
34PatharkandiSonai/ Barak & othersKarimganjNANAYes
 KashithalSonai/ Barak & othersCacharNANANo
35KatigorahKatakhal/ Barak & othersCacharNANAYes          
36LALAKatakhal/ Barak & othersHAILAKANDINANAYes
37MuhammedpurKatakhal/ Barak & othersHAILAKANDINANAYes
38CHIRIPOOLBarak/ Barak & OthersCACHARNANAYes         
39KALAINBarak/ Barak & othersCacharNANAYes         
40UDHARBONDBarak/ Barak & othersCACHARNANAYes           
41NEAIRGRAMBarak/ Barak & othersCacharNANAYes           

Assam: List of Level Monitoring sites UPGRADED into Level Forecast sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MHFL Date
1MargheritaBuridehing/ BrahmaputraTinsukia133.42134.42137.5126.08.1988
2BokajanDhansiri (S)/ BrahmaputraKarbi AnglongNA133.3135.1309.10.1986
3DillighatDesang/ BrahmaputraDibrugarh128129129.6528.08.1977
4BihubarDikhow/ BrahmaputraSibsagar100101104.7724.06.1998
5DholaiRukni/ Barak & othersCacharNA24.5828.2422.07.1993
6FulertalBarak/ Barak & othersCachar22.88 23.8826.4321.06.2022

Assam List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
1JagibhakatgaonKopili/ BrahmaputraMarigaon55.7522.07.2004
2SibapurBarak/ Barak & othersCacharNANA
3KaliganjLongai/ Barak & OthersKarimganjNANA

Assam List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
3MojowariKopiniDima HasaoNANA
13Diprang GaonBrahmaputraMARIGAONNANA
15BskalighatBrahmaputraKarbi AnglongNANA
16B G RoadBrahmaputraSIBSAGARNANA
23Guma PhoolbariBrahmaputraBarpetaNANA
25Biswanath GhatBrahmaputraBiswanathNANA
29South SalmaraBrahmaputraDhubriNANA
30GahampaiBrahmaputraDima HasaoNANA
31Krungming LangsoBrahmaputraDima HasaoNANA

Assam List of REPEATED Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/  TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MHFL Date
1DholaiRukni/ Barak & othersCacharNA24.5828.2422.07.1993
 DholaiRukni/Barak & othersCachar  28.2422.07.1993
2MatijuriKatakhal/ Barak & othersHailakandi19.2720.2722.7310.09.2007
 MatijuriKatakhal/ Barak & othersHailakandi  22.7310.09.2007

Assam List of REPEATED and INACTIVE Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1DUDHNAIDudhnai/ BrahmaputraGoalpara51.2722.09.2014No
 DudhnoiDudhnai/ BrahmaputraGoalparaNANAYes
2BorkholaJatinga/ Barak & OthersKarimganj21.707.06.1993Yes
 BorkholaJatinga/ Barak & OthersCacharNANAYes
3KulicheraRukni/ Barak & othersCacharNANANo
4KashithalSonai/ Barak & othersCacharNANANo


The state of Meghalaya has no Level or Inflow Forecasting site. In 2018, CWC had 7 LM sites in the state which were increased to 16 in 2019 by adding 9 more sites. As of July 2022, the number of sites in the state has remained at 16. However, CWC has removed 5 sites and added 5 new sites in the state. The information of added and removed site is given in separate tables below.

CWC has also made changes in basin and district information which are highlighted with bold black font. Out of 16 sites, 11 lacks HFL, date information while 2 are inactive. The hydrographs for all the sites are running late by 5 to 6 hours.

Meghalaya List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1DawkiUmngot/ Barak & othersWest Jaintia Hills73.4728.05.2006Yes
   East Khasi Hills   
2KharkhanaMyntudu/ Barak & othersWest Jaintia Hills4723.07.1995Yes
   East Khasi Hills   
3DimaparaBugi/ Barak & othersSouth Garo Hills29.7527.07.2007Yes
4TherriaghatUmnohryngkew/ Barak & othersEast Khasi Hills20.6215.06.1995Yes 
5SIBBARIDareng/ Barak & othersSouth Garo Hills20.3412.08.2017Yes 
6Myntdu S-II power houseBarak/ Barak & othersEast Jaintia HillsNANANo
7UmkiangUmkiang/ Barak & othersEast Jaintia HillsNANAYes
8NONGSTOIN – IKynshi/ Barak & othersWest Khasi HillsNANAYes
9RanikorKynshi/ Barak & othersSouth West Khasi HillsNANAYes 
10ShellaUmiew/ Barak & othersEast Khasi HillsNANAYes
11SonapurLubha/ Barak & othersEast Jaintia HillsNANAYes
12BaghmaraSimsang/ Barak & othersSouth Garo HillsNANAYes
13Myntangtihwieh(Khadkasla)MYNTANGTIWEIH/ BrahmaputraEast Jaintia HillsNANAYes 
14Myndu S-II Dam SiteBrahmaputra/ BrahmaputraEast Jaintia HillsNANANo
15ByrnihatUmtru/ BrahmaputraRai BhoiNANAYes 
16RisiangRishiang/ Minor rivers draining into Myanmar, BangladeshWest Khasi HillsNANAYes

Meghalaya List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL Date
2Umkhen-IIBrahmaputraEast Khasi HillsNANA
3RYMBAIKalipaiJaintia HillsNANA
4UmsiangBrahmaputraRI BHOINANA
5BALATUmngiWest Khasi HillsNANA

Meghalaya List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL Date
1RanikorKynshi/ Barak & othersSouth West Khasi HillsNANA
2BaghmaraSimsang/ Barak & othersSouth Garo HillsNANA
3ByrnihatUmtru/ BrahmaputraRai BhoiNANA
4ShellaUmiew/ Barak & othersEast Khasi HillsNANA
5SonapurLubha/ Barak & othersEast Jaintia HillsNANA


There is only 1 LM site in Manipur.  

Manipur List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasiDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1ChotebekraBarak/ Barak & othersImphal East32.131.07.1989Yes


There is only 1 site, that too inactive in Nagaland state and it is not clear weather its LF or LM site as relevant information is not given by the CWC.

Nagaland List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasiDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1Doyang HEP ReservoirDhansiri/ BrahmaputraWokhaNANANO


In 2018, CWC had 12 flood monitoring sites in Tripura state comprising of 2 LF and 10 LM sites. In 2019, CWC added 4 more LM sites in the state. As on July 2022, there are 16 flood monitoring sites in Tripura including 9 LF sites and 7 LM sites after CWC upgraded 7 LM sites into LF sites.

However, Kailashahar site is repeated twice. Similarly, Sonamura site is repeated thrice. HFL date for Gajaraia LF site is not given. Earlier Manughat LM site had 46.6 m as HFL dated 05.06.2001 which has been changed to 46.97 m dated 11.06.1993. CWC has changed district/town information for 7 sites of which 4 are LF sites and 3 LM sites.

HFL, dates are missing for 3 LM sites. Hydrograph of Sonamura LM site is inactive. There is no IF site in the state. Most of hydrographs especially for LM sites are not updated. If repeated and inactive sites are excluded, there are 13 flood monitoring sites active in Tripura.

Tripura List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWLDLHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1Kamalpur GDS SiteDhalai/ Barak and OthersDhalai31.532.533.8515.05.1984Yes
2Kumarghat GD Site Manu/ Barak and OthersUnakoti293032.9707.06.1993Yes
   North Tripura     
3KailashaharManu/ Barak and OthersUnakoti24.3425.3425.9513.06.2018Yes
   North Tripura  25.7907.06.1993 
4KHOWAIKhowai/ Barak and OthersKhowai252628.00524.06.2004Yes
   West Tripura     
5NutanBazar GD SiteJuri/ Barak and OthersNorth Tripura18.519.520.43515.05.1984Yes
6BeloniaMuhari/ Barak and OthersSouth Tripura141516.9804.08.1983Yes
7SonamuraGumti/ Barak and OthersSepahijala11.512.514.4323.07.1993Yes
   West Tripura     
8HAORAHaora/ Barak and OthersWest Tripura1010.712.411.08.2017Yes
9GAJARAIABurima/ Barak and OthersSepahijala8.69.211.25NAYes
   West Tripura  11.1524.06.2004 

Tripura List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1ManughatManu/ Barak and OthersUnakoti46.9711.06.1993Yes
   North Tripura46.605.06.2001 
2AmarpurGumti/ Barak & othersGomati32.7422.07.1993Yes
   South Tripura   
3Kailashahar GDSQManu/ Barak and OthersUnakoti25.79507.06.1993Yes
4SabrumMuhari/ Barak & othersSouth TripuraNANAYes
5KadamtalaJuri/ Barak and OthersNorth TripuraNANAYes
6Sonamura-IIGumti/ Barak & othersSepahijalaNANAYes
7SonamuraGumti/ Barak & othersSepahijala14.4223.07.1993No
  BrahmaputraWest Tripura   

Tripura List of Level Monitoring Site UPGRADED into Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWLDLHFL, MHFL Date
1Kamalpur GDS SiteDhalai/ Barak and OthersDhalai31.532.533.8515.05.1984
2Kumarghat GD Site Manu/ Barak and OthersUnakoti293032.9707.06.1993
3KHOWAIKhowai/ Barak and OthersKhowai252628.00524.06.2004
4NutanBazar GD SiteJuri/ Barak and OthersNorth Tripura18.519.520.43515.05.1984
5BeloniaMuhari/ Barak and OthersSouth Tripura141516.9804.08.1983
6HAORAHaora/ Barak and OthersWest Tripura1010.712.411.08.2017
7GAJARAIABurima/ Barak and OthersSepahijala8.69.211.25NA

Tripura List of REPEATED, INACTIVE Level Forecast/ Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWLDLHFL, MHFL Date
1KailashaharManu/ Barak and OthersUnakoti24.3425.3425.9513.06.2018
2Kailashahar GDSQManu/ Barak and OthersUnakoti  25.79507.06.1993
3SonamuraGumti/ Barak and OthersSepahijala11.512.514.4323.07.1993
4Sonamura-IIGumti/ Barak & othersSepahijala  NANA
5SonamuraGumti/ Barak & othersSepahijala  14.4223.07.1993


Mizoram has no Level or Inflow forecasting site. In 2018, the state had 7 LM sites which were increased to 25 in 2019. Now again, the state has only 7 LM sites and 18 sites added previously has been removed as of July 2022. Even, out of 7 LM sites 5 are inactive and the hydrographs for 2 remaining sites are not updated.  

Mizoram List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1TurialSonai/ Barak & othersAizawl14917.06.1995Yes 
2SairangDhaleswari/ Barak & othersAizawl72.25510.06.1993Yes
3Bailley Bridge TuipuiBarak/ Barak & othersChamphaiNANANo
4SihthangpuiKolodyne/ Minor rivers draining into Myanmar, BangladeshLawngtlaiNANANo
5PANGKHUAHKolodyne/ Minor rivers draining into Myanmar, BangladeshLawngtlaiNANANo
6TuichangTuichang/ Minor rivers draining into Myanmar, BangladeshLungleiNANANo
7TuichawngTuichang/ Minor rivers draining into Myanmar, BangladeshMamit LungleiNANANo

Mizoram List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
2TLAWNG HEPDhaleswariAizawlNANA
6Reiek KaiDhaleswariMamitNANA
14MAT 2MatLungleiNANA
15TUIPUI DTuipuiLungleiNANA


In 2018, Sikkim had 22 flood monitoring sites including 18 LM and 4 IF sites. In 2019, the number of sites were increased to 25 after CWC added 4 new LM sites and 1 IF. CWC had also upgraded 3 LM sites into LF sites and removed 2 LM sites.  

As of July 2022, the state has 23 flood monitoring sites comprised of 3 LF, 15 LM and 5 IF sites. 7 LM sites have been removed from the state and 5 new LM sites have been included, details of which is given in separate tables below. Among the 5 new LM sites Lachen and Upper Rimbi were excluded in 2019. 

HFL dates are missing for all 3 LF sites while 11 LM sites have no information on HFLs and dates and hydrograph for Sankalan LM site is inactive.

Spelling for Milli LF site is changed to Melli and for Yaksum LM site to Yuksum. Rangpo LM site district is changed from South to East and Toyum LM site’s river is changed from Teesta to Kalez Khola. Out of 23 sites, hydrographs for 21 sites are running late by 2 to 5 hours.

In IF sites, MWL is still unavailable for Rangpo dam and Rongli dam sites while FRL for both these sites are same. Teesta 3 dam site is now listed on Teesta river instead of Lachung Chu earlier. CWC has also changed FRL and MWL for Teesta V dam site.

Sikkim List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWLDLHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1SingthamTeesta/ BrahmaputraEast377.07377.57379.17NAYes
2Melli (Milli)Teesta/ BrahmaputraSouth223224225.25NAYes
3RothakRangit/ BrahmaputraWest350.6351.6353.2NAYes

Sikkim List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1SankalanTeesta/ BrahmaputraNorth762.316.06.1973No
2Rangpo Teesta/ BrahmaputraEast304.626.07.1972Yes
3KHANITARTeesta/ BrahmaputraEast297.718.09.1974Yes
4MajitarTeesta/ BrahmaputraSouth279.2917.10.1985Yes
5Bakcha Teesta/ BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes
6Sankalang Teesta/ BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes
7Rangma RangeTeesta/ BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes
8RanipoolTeesta/ BrahmaputraEastNANAYes
9LachenTeesta/ BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes
10Upper RimbiRangit / BrahmaputraWestNANAYes
11SagbariRangit / BrahmaputraWestNANAYes
12Yuksum (Yaksum)Rangit / BrahmaputraWestNANAYes
13BopLachung Chu /BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes
14LavenTalang Chu/ BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes
15ToyumKalez Khola/ BrahmaputraWestNANAYes
Sikkim List of Inflow Forecast sites in 2022
SNSitesRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownFRLMWLHA?
1Rangit 3 DamRangit/ BrahmaputraWest640627Yes
2Rangpo DamRangpochu / BrahmaputraEast913.8NAYes
3Rongli DamRangpochu / BrahmaputraEast913.8NAYes
4Teesta 3 DamTeesta/ BrahmaputraNorth15851587Yes
  Lachung Chu    
5Teesta V DamTeesta/ BrahmaputraNorth579581Yes

Sikkim List of New Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1Rangma RangeTeesta/ BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes
2RanipoolTeesta/ BrahmaputraEastNANAYes
3LachenTeesta/ BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes
4Upper RimbiRangit / BrahmaputraWestNANAYes
5LavenTalang Chu/ BrahmaputraNorthNANAYes

Sikkim List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
1Tarum ChuTeestaNorthNANA
3Chungthang (Lachen Chu) RRTeestaNorthNANA
4Chujachen (Rongli Chu)TeestaEastNANA
6Rangit NagarRangitSouthNANA
7Chujachen (Rangpo Chu)      RangpochuEastNANA


The Sub-Himalayan zone of Brahmaputra Basin in West Bengal had 21 flood monitoring sites in 2018 including 6 LF and 15 LM sites. CWC upgraded Hasimara site from LM to LF in 2019 and added 3 more LM sites increasing the total number of sites to 24.

As of July 2022, the total number of sites there has remained at 24, however CWC has added 1 new LM site (Singimari) and removed 1 LM site (Teesta Bazar) from the zone. In addition to this CWC has changed district for 4 sites (Hasimara, Barabisha, Sankosh LRP, Cepan). It has also changed river names for Ghish, Chel, Neora, Murti LM sites. Hydrograph for Singla Bazar LM site is inactive. There is no IF site in Brahmaputra Basin in West Bengal.

West Bengal (Brahmaputra Basin) List of Level Forecasting Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrictWLDLHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1Hasimara Torsa/ BrahmaputraAlipurduar116.3116.9118.5 13.07.1996Yes
2DOMOHANITeesta/ BrahmaputraJalpaiguri85.6585.9589.304.10.1968Yes
3Jaldhaka NH 31Jaldhaka/ BrahmaputraJalpaiguri8080.981.3328.07.1972Yes
4MekhliganjTeesta/ BrahmaputraKoch Bihar65.4565.9566.6220.10.2021Yes
5MathabhangaJaldhaka/ Brahmaputra  Koch Bihar47.748.249.8507.09.2007Yes
6GhugumariTorsa/ BrahmaputraKoch Bihar39.840.4141.4603.08.2000Yes
7TufanganjRaidak-1/ BrahmaputraKoch Bihar34.2235.336.512.08.2017Yes

West Bengal (Brahmaputra Basin) List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL DateHA?
1SinglabazarTeesta/ Brahmaputra  Darjiling31105.09.1980No
2GHISHGhish/ BrahmaputraJalpaiguri164.827.07.1972Yes
3CHELChel/ BrahmaputraJalpaiguri160.8 10.07.1971Yes
4CORONATIONTeesta/ BrahmaputraDarjiling15612.10.1973Yes
5SEVOKETeesta/ BrahmaputraDarjiling147.312.10.1973Yes
6NEORANaora/ BrahmaputraJalpaiguri166.724.07.1970Yes
7GazoldobaTeesta/ BrahmaputraJalpaiguri111.419.07.1990Yes
8DIANAJaldhaka/ BrahmaputraJalpaiguri196.5519.07.1980Yes
9NagrakataJaldhaka/ BrahmaputraJalpaiguri160.813.10.1978Yes
10SingimariJaldhaka/ BrahmaputraKoch Bihar31.8508.09.2007Yes
11MURTIMurti/ Brahmaputra Jalpaiguri141.4528.07.2007Yes
12BarabishaSankosh/ BrahmaputraAlipurduar50.113.10.1973Yes
13SANKOSH LRPSankosh/ BrahmaputraAlipurduar49.2509.07.2017Yes
   Koch Bihar   
14ChepanRaidak-1/ BrahmaputraAlipurduar49.1513.10.1973Yes
15AmbariTorsa/ BrahmaputraKoch Bihar42.78321.07.1973Yes
16ShaladangTorsa/ BrahmaputraKoch Bihar37.0721.07.1993Yes         
17SuldaguriTorsa/ BrahmaputraKoch Bihar35.321.07.1993Yes

West Bengal (Brahmaputra Basin) Lever Monitoring Site ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
1SingimariJaldhaka/ BrahmaputraKoch Bihar31.8508.09.2007

West Bengal (Brahmaputra Basin) Level Monitoring Site REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MHFL Date
1TEESTA BAZARTeesta/ BrahmaputraDarjiling217.013-10-1973


As per CWC-FF website, there were 148 sites in North East India and Brahmaputra basin in West Bengal comprising of 42 Level Forecast, 100 Level Monitoring and 6 Inflow Forecast sites. In 2019, CWC had added 96 sites taking total tally to 244 sites including 55 Level Forecast, 184 Level Monitoring and 5 Inflow Forecast sites in the region.  

Bar chart showing status of flood monitoring sites in North East India in 2018, 2019 and 2022.

As of July 2022, the total number of flood monitoring sites have come down to 201 which includes 68 Level Forecast sites, 128 Level Monitoring sites and 05 Inflow Forecast sites. Out of 128 Level Monitoring sites 23 are either inactive or repeated. Excluding these would further bring down the number of active sites to 178. This is contrary to CWC’s claim of increasing flood monitoring stations in the country.

There is NO Level forecast site in 4 states of Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram while Sikkim has 5 Inflow Forecast sites. The analysis shows that CWC has been arbitrarily adding and removing flood monitoring sites in the region. Most of CWC’s hydrographs in the region are running late by several hours which has emerged as a new problem across the states in North East.

Bar chart on CWC’s flood monitoring sites in North East India.

The specific issues and problems with flood monitoring sites have been mentioned in state wise manner above. In our 2019 analysis for North East India[V] we had highlighted some major gaps in CWC’s flood forecast in the region and most of these have remained unaddressed so far.

Summary Table of Level and Inflow Forecast, Monitoring Sites in North East India

StatesLevel Forecast Sites Level Monitoring Sites Inflow Forecast Sites Total
Arunachal Pradesh3022050030
W Bengal1700700024

A SANDRP analysis (

End Notes:






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