CWC - Central Water Commission

2022: Overview of CWC Flood Monitoring Sites in West India

(Feature Image: Bar chart showing CWC flood monitoring sites excluding UTs of Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu in West India in 2022)

Since 2018, SANDRP has been presenting detailed overviews on flood monitoring sites[i] of Central Water Commission (CWC) which is the only agency doing flood forecast work in India. This year, we have published and highlighted the inaccuracies in CWC’s flood monitoring sites in North[ii], North East[iii] and East[iv] zones. This fourth overview covers the West zone for Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa states. The previous overviews for the region can be seen here (2018[v]) and here (2019[vi]).

Abbreviation List

SNAbbreviationShort Form
1Level ForecastLF
2Level MonitoringLM
3Inflow ForecastIF
5Warning LevelWL
6Danger LevelDL
7Highest Flood LevelHFL
8Hydrograph ActiveHA
9Not UpdatedNU
10Full Reservoir LevelFRL
11Maximum Water LevelMWL
12Not AvailableNA
14East Flowing Rivers BetweenEFR B


Rajasthan had 33 flood monitoring sites in 2018 comprised of 25 LM and 8 IF sites. In 2019, CWC added 14 LM and 3 IF sites in the state taking total tally to 49. This included 2 repeated sites which were not counted by us. CWC had also upgraded 3 LM sites in LF sites.

As of September 2022, there are a total 46 sites in the state including 18 LF, 18 LM and 10 IF sites. In past years, CWC has removed 1 IF site, 2 repeated sites and upgraded 15 LM sites into LF sites. In 2019, there were only 3 LF sites namely Dholpur, Kota City and Abu Road.

In LF sites, the HFL and date for Chittorgarh site on Gambhir river has been changed to 409.24 m dated 24.07.1992 from 409.235 m dated 27.07.1992. The DL for Kota City site on Chambal river has been changed to 242 m from 240m. The old HFL date for the site is still unavailable.

The new HFL 225.58 m dated 16.09.2019 for Mandawara site on Chambal river has seen a rise of 7.895 m from old HFL 217.685 m dated 02.09.2006. The WL and DL for Dholpur site have been increased to 129.79 m and 130.79 m from 128.79 m and 129.58 m respectively.

The old HFL 430.71 m dated 01.06.1994 for Bigod site is higher than new HFL 351.8 m dated 08.08.2016. The HFL for Jahajpur, Dubi and Borkhandi sites are lower than either WL or DL. Till 2019, CWC maintained 199.281 m dated 09.09.1973 as HFL for Baranwada site but now has updated it to 202.685 m dated 20.07.1981, which again shows that CWC has not been maintaining the HFL records properly. Out of 18 sites, hydrographs for 13 sites are found running slow by 3 to 4 hours.

Rajasthan: List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
1ChittorgarhGambhir/ YamunaChittaurgarh406.9407.9409.2424.07.1992NU
2Kota CityChambal/ YamunaKota239.242248.6816.09.2019NU
3MandawaraChambal/ YamunaKota216220225.5816.09.2019NU
4PaliChambal/ YamunaSawai Madhopur197198203.523.08.1996NU
5ManderialChambal/ YamunaKarauli164165169.9623.08.1996NU
6DholpurChambal/ YamunaDholpur129.79130.79145.5423.08.1996NU
7BigodBanas/ ChambalBhilwara350.1351.1351.808.08.2016NU
8JahajpurBanas/ ChambalBhilwara320.5322321.0616.09.2019NU
9TonkBanas/ ChambalTonk262262.8262.0509.09.1973NU
10DubiBanas/ ChambalSawai Madhopur226227225.2416.09.2019NU
11BaranwadaBanas/ ChambalSawai Madhopur197198202.86520.07.1981Yes
12AkleraParwan/ ChambalJhalawar308309314.4521.08.1996Yes
13SangodParwan/ ChambalKota254256256.68122.08.1996Yes
14BorkhandiChandralohi/ ChambalKota244.5246244.1516.08.2019NU
15AntharaGhoadapachhad/ ChambalBundi233235235.109.08.2017Yes
16BarodKalisindh/ ChambalKota210215223.823.08.1986NU
17KhatoliParwati/ ChambalKota201202209.0504.08.2021NU
18Abu RoadBanas/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniSirohi258259265.431.08.1973Yes

Rajasthan: List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

In LM sites, CWC has changed name of Salavad site to Jhalawar and has removed HFL, date for the site which were previously available. CWC has added HFL, dates information for 11 sites which were unavailable earlier. There are still 4 sites without HFL, date information.

The HFL for Rangeli site has been changed to 160.85 m from 160.86 m. The old HFL for Dhariawad site is still not given. Similarly the HFL for Karoti site is not mentioned. The Mount Abu site is inactive. Hydrograph for 12 sites is not updated in time.

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MDateHA?
2JhalawarKalisindh/ ChambalJhalawarNANANU
 Salavad  320.7221.08.1996 
3BarodiyaUjar /KalisindhJhalawar322.7507.08.2021NU
4Devlia KhurdDai/ BanasAjmer318.3517.08.2019NU
5LakheriMej/ ChambalBundi210.2606.08.2021NU
6PaderdibadiMahi/ MahiDungarpur149.6519.08.2006Yes
7SohagpuraErau/ MahiPratapgarh402.1114.09.2019Yes
8AmarpuraSom/ MahiUdaipur288.9610.08.2019Yes
9KhandiovariSom/ MahiUdaipur272.201.10.2019NU
10RangeliSom/ MahiDungarpur160.8519.08.2006Yes
11DhariawadJakham/ MahiPratapgarh21121.08.2016NU
12Anas PH-IIAnas/ MahiBanswara16024.08.1990NU
13BalotraLuni/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBarmer108.75518.07.1979NU
14GandhavLuni/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBarmer37.62507.07.1990NU
15KarotiSipu/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniSirohiNA09.08.2019NU
16Mount AbuBanas/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniSirohiNANANo
17SwaroopganjBanas/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniSirohiNANAYes
18Sei DamSei/ SabarmatiUdaipurNANAYes

Rajasthan: List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

In IF sites, CWC has provided FRL and MWL information for all the sites. While, the FRL for Rana Pratap Sagar Dam has been changed to 352.81 from 352.8; the MWL for Kota barrage has been changed to 261.2 from 260.9.

The hydrographs for Parwati and Parwan pick-up Weirs are inactive since June 2021 and hydrographs for 6 other IF sites are not updated. Most of the IF sites have incomplete information of inflows and outflows.

CWC has provided river names for the sites which were missing previously. It has also made changes in sites name, districts which are included here and the old information is given in next rows for the related sites.

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownFRLMWLHA?
1Gambhiri DamGambhir/ YamunaChittaurgarh431.9433.4NU
2Rana Pratap Sagar DamChambal/ YamunaChittaurgarh352.81354.18NU
3Kota BarrageChambal/ YamunaKota260.3261.2NU
4Panchana DamChambal/ YamunaKarauli258.62258.62NU
5Bisalpur ReservoirBanas/ ChambalKarauli315.5316.35NU
6Kalisindh DamKalisindh/ ChambalJhalawar316316NU
7Parwati Pick- up weirParwati/ ChambalBaran308.15314.02NO
8Parwan pick-up WeirParwan/ ChambalJhalawar308.8309.3NO
9Mahi Bajaj Sagar DamMahi/ MahiBanswara281.5281.5Yes
 Mahi Dam     
10Somkamla Amba DamSom/ MahiDungarpur213.5215.5Yes

Rajasthan; List of Duplicate Level Monitoring REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MDate
1Kota BarrageChambal/ YamunaKotaNANA
2Duplicate Old BigodBanas/ ChambalBhilwara430.7101-07-1994

Rajasthan: List of Inflow Forecast Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownFRLMWL
1Jawahar Sagar DAMChambal/ YamunaKotaNANA

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh had 40 flood monitoring sites in 2018 comprising of 2 LF, 35 LM and 3 IF sites. In 2019, CWC added 112 sites including 1 LF, 104 LM and 7 IF sites taking total tally to 152 sites.

In past two years, CWC has upgraded 17 LM sites into LF and added 3 new LF sites. It has also removed 8 LM sites and added 5 new one. Further, it has removed 1 and added 4 new IF sites.  So, as of September 2022, there are 156 flood monitoring sites in the state comprised of 23 LF, 119 LM and 14 IF sites. The list of all added, upgraded and removed sites is given in separate tables below.

In LF sites, the WL is not given for Mortakka site which interestingly has not breached the HFL since 1961 while the HFL dates are missing for Teska, Dedtalai and Burhanpur sites. The 2012 HFL for Sarangpur site is higher than 2006 however the same was not updated by CWC till 2019. Out of 23 sites, hydrographs for 12 sites are running slow.

The CWC has made several changes in the names and spellings of several sites, rivers and districts. The changes made are inserted with sites while old information is given in next rows after all such sites.

Madhya Pradesh: List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
2Narmada at MaalpurNarmadaDindori613.5616615.8921.08.2022Yes
8MohgaonBurhner/ NarmadaMandla463464.5467.308.08.2004NU
9Gaur at BhalawaraGaur/ NarmadaJabalpur393.5395.5393.4522.08.2022NU
10Hiran at SingaldeepHiran/ NarmadaJabalpur365366363.322.08.2022NU
11DhareriChambal/ YamunaUjjain478.5479.5482.20810.08.1979NU
12TalChambal/ YamunaRatlam441443438.1226.07.2015Yes
13UjjainShipra/ ChambalUjjain476477483.8116.08.1986Yes
14MahidpurShipra/ ChambalUjjain453454456.310.08.2006NU
15SarangpurKalisindh/ ChambalRajgarh420421420.7529.07.2012Yes
17A.B. Road X-ingParwati/ ChambalGuna40440540323.08.1982Yes
18GARRAULIDhasan/ BetwaTikamgarh203204210.510.09.1983NU
20KULDAH BRIDGESone/GangaSidhi237.25238.25245.1822.08.1975Yes
21TESKATapi/ TapiBetul465475.53473.5NANU
   Khandwa  238.815.09.1988 

In LM sites, CWC has now mentioned HFL and dates for most of sites except Bhind, Tumri and Nawtha. Now only 2 sites are mentioned on Banjer river from about 30 sites previously. Most of the sites are changed to Narmada and its other tributaries.

The HFL level for Beda at Satwadi site was 232.32m on 09.08.2019 but now it is changed to 205.52 m dated 14.07.2022. Similarly, the previous HFL 349.5 m dated 30.07.1991 for Ramkona site was higher than 349.2 m dated 29.08.2020.

Same is the case with Rajegaon site at which present HFL 284.23 m dated 29.08.2020 is lower than 285.015 m dated 23.07.2014. Hydrographs for D/S Hoshangabad and Nahargarh are inactive while not being updated timely for about 65 other sites.

Madhya Pradesh: List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

1Narmada at GorakhpurNarmadaDindori743.3314.09.2022Yes
2Chakrar at GadasaraiNarmadaDindori727.4518.08.2020Yes
3Machrar at GidhaNarmadaDindori696.8218.08.2020NU
 Marchrar at GidhaBanjar    
4Phen at ParsatolaNarmadaMandla591.1718.08.2020NU
 Phen at ParatolaBanjar    
5Silgi at Kotrai FTNarmadaDindori514.522.08.2022NU
  Banjar 513.6508.08.2019 
6Matiyari at KatangitolaNarmadaMandla446.7208.08.2019NU
7Balai at NarayanganjNarmadaMandla422.9830.09.2019NU
8Denwa at MatkuliNarmadaHoshangabad399.530.08.2020Yes  
9Machrewaat BakoriNarmadaNarsimhapur383.829.08.2020NU
10Belkund at GhugharaNarmadaJabalpur379.321.08.2022Yes  
11Umar at ImaliyaNarmadaNarsimhapur361.914.08.2019Yes
12Saner at ChargaonNarmadaJabalpur347.8111.09.2019NU
13Palakmati at SohagpurNarmadaHoshangabad326.828.08.2020Yes
15Narmada at NaseerabadNarmadaHoshangabad304.630.08.2020Yes
 Narmada at NasirabadBanjar    
16Abna at KhandwaNarmadaKhandawa301.2718.07.2022Yes
  Banjar 301.0206.08.2019 
17Hathed at MisrodNarmadaHoshangabad297.3518.07.2022Yes  
  Banjar 29712.08.2019 
18Indra at KhapriyaNarmadaHoshangabad296.831.08.2020NU
20Jamner at SandalpurNarmadaDAWAS287.201.08.2020NU
21Kalimachak at CharuwaNarmadaHarda286.218.07.2022Yes
22Machak at BarangiNarmadaHarda276.718.07.2022NU
23Sip at DholpurNarmadaSehore276.6805.09.2021NU
25Datuni at DudwasNarmadaDewas252.0601.09.2020NU
26Kaner at MendhikhedaNarmadaKhargone214.8113.07.2022NU
27Choral at BarwahNarmadaKhargone173.913.09.2019NU
28Karam at DahiwarNarmadaDhar166.92522.08.2020NU
30D/S HoshangabadNarmadaSehoreNANANo
31MukkiBanjar/ NarmadaBalaghat678.9630.06.2005Yes
32BamniBanjar/ NarmadaMandla448.518.09.1999NU
33Halon at BaratolaHalon/ NarmadaMandla520.4618.08.2020NU
34Sher at KaccharaSher/ NarmadaNarsimhapur406.9529.08.2020Yes
36Pariyat at MatamarHiran/ NarmadaJabalpur389.9418.08.2020NU
38BhamgarhChota Tawa/ NarmadaKhandawa394.6801.09.2019Yes
39Machna at ShahpurMachna/ NarmadaBetul384.0924.06.2020NU
40Tawa at TawakathiTawa/ NarmadaBetul373.0527.07.2020NU
41GadarwaraShakkar/ NarmadaNarsimhapur332.4708.09.1999Yes
42Dudhi at PanagarDudhi/ NarmadaNarsimhapur33215.08.2022Yes
  Banjar 331.322.07.2022 
43Tenduni at MaheshwarTenduni/ NarmadaRaisen315.416.08.2022Yes
44Kolar at MahgaonKolar/ NarmadaSehore301.9611.09.2019NU
45ChhidgaonGanjal/ NarmadaHarda301.9208.07.2007Yes
46PatiGoi/ NarmadaBarwani207.107.08.2006Yes
47Beda at SatwadiBeda/ NarmadaKhargone205.5214.072022NU
  Banjar 232.3209.08.2019 
48Maan at GopalpuraMan/ NarmadaDhar195.910.08.2019NU
49Deb at KhajuriDeb/ NarmadaBarwani180.101.09.2022NU
50Borad at ThikriBorad/ NarmadaBarwani165.5507.08.2019NU
 Barod at ThikriBanjarBadwani   
51kogaonKundi/ NarmadaKhargone164.2509.09.2010NU
52DhulsarUri/ NarmadaDhar159.21527.08.1994NU
53BakhariWainganga/ GodavariSeoni534.4516.08.1982Yes
55MagardharraWainganga/ GodavariBalaghat309.230.08.2020NU
56KumhariWainganga/ GodavariBalaghat30820.07.1994NU
57BalaghatWainganga/ GodavariBalaghat297.4530.08.2020Yes
58SARRAHKulbehra/ WaingangaChhindwara642.7329.08.2020Yes
59JHILMILIPench/ KanhanChhindwara589.6429.08.2020NU
60KOKIWADAPench/ KanhanChhindwara554.3829.08.2020NU
61GANESHGANJBijna/ WaingangaSeoni51116.08.1982NU
62MUNGAPARSagar/ WaingangaSeoni444.0529.08.2020Yes
63NAINPURThanwar/ WaingangaMandla423.2629.08.2020Yes
64BichhubagguSobhana/ WaingangaChhindwara349.7512.08.1991Yes
65RamakonaKanhan/ WaingangaUmaria349.229.08.2020Yes
66SAREKHAHirri/ WaingangaSeoni331.6429.08.2020Yes
67LODHIKHEDAJam/ WardaChhindwara328.8912.08.1985NU
68TemniSon/ WaingangaBalaghat302.6613.08.2005Yes
69PIPLATOLA (Dutta)Deo/ GodavariBalaghat291.3113.08.2005Yes
70WaraseoniChandan/ WaingangaBalaghat290.37529.08.2020Yes
71RajegaonBagh/ GodavariBalaghat284.2329.08.2020NU
72SingodiPench/ KanhanUmaria99.9929.08.2020Yes
 SIGODI Chhindwara   
74MatajiMahi/ MahiRatlam298.3206.09.2022Yes
78SOHARSon/ GangaSingrauli256.3930.09.2019NU
79CHURHATSone/ GangaSidhi246.519.08.2020Yes
80KHARRARihand/ GangaBarwani411.1122.08.1975NU
81KARKOTARihand/ GangaSingrauli271.4601.08.2021NU
82VIJAY RAGHAVGARHTons/ GangaKatni346.4522.08.2022NU
83SATNATons/ GangaSatna299.2717.07.1980Yes
85MARVAS Gopad/GangaSidhi324.7501.08.2021NU
87KAIRIGanga/ GangaRewa95.8501.08.2021NU
88BAROODSindh/ YamunaGuna488.422.08.2022NU
90PACHAWALISindh/ YamunaShivpuri433.5823.06.2011NU
91CHANDPUR DABRASindh/YamunaGwalior198.1504.08.2021Yes
94BasodaBetwa/ YamunaVidisha405.60523.08.2022NU
96TIGHARAKyan// YamunaPanna301.823.08.2022NU
97MADLAKen/ YamunaPanna185.4506.07.2005Yes
98KURDHANAKen/ YamunaChhatarpur119.0723.08.2022Yes
99SANJAY NAGARUrr/ YamunaTikamgarh213.1427.08.2020NU
 GUTKARA/ (removed)Sindh    
100MASOODPURNon/ YamunaGwalior212.7509.07.2019NU
101UNNAO BALAJIPahuj/ YamunaDatia207.7615.08.2019Yes
104BHINDKunwari/ YamunaBhind132.27NAYes
105SARVAPana/ YamunaBhind161.0912.07.2019NU
107GARHAKOTASonar/ KenSagar371.7409.09.1983NU
108NARSINGHGARHSonar/ KenDamoh335.122.08.2022Yes
109GAISABADBearma/ KenDamoh309.08530.08.1980NU
111PalwaChamla/ ChambalUjjain482.85123.08.2020NU
112AsthaParwati/ ChambalSehore480.19522.08.2020NU
113SonkatchKalisindh/ ChambalDewas457.19922.08.2020NU
114NahargarhSivana/ ChambalMandsaur401NANo
115BangpuraChapi/ ChambalRajgarh368.66814.09.2019NU
116NAURHIABanas/ ChambalSidhi300.713.08.2019Yes
117JARAINAAsan/ ChambalMorena172.5603.08.2021NU
118TumriRetam/ ChambalMandsaurNANANU

In IF sites, CWC has not provided HFL for 6 sites while dates are given for only 4 sites. The hydrographs for all the sites are running slow and most of the sites are functioning like normal LM sites with no information on inflow in reservoirs and outflows in rivers and canals.

Madhya Pradesh: List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/TownFRLMWLHFL, MDateHA?
1Bargi ReservoirNarmadaJabalpur422.76425.7425.7NANU
2Indira Sagar ReservoirNarmadaEast Nimar262.13263.35263.35NA 
3Omkareshwar (NHPC) ReservoirNarmadaEast Nimar196.6199.62199.62NANU
 Omakreshwar Dam Khandwa 196.62   
4Kolar ReservoirKolar/ NarmadaSehore462.2463.3463.3NANU
 Kolar Dam Veerpur       
5Tawa ReservoirTawa/ NarmadaHoshangabad355.4356.692356.692NANU
6Barna ReservoirBarna/NarmadaRaisen348.55351.45351.45NANU
7Pench Reservoir (Machagora Dam)Pench/ GodavariChhindwara625.75626.97NA20.10.2019NU
8Sanjay Sarovar ProjectWainganga/ GodavariSeoni519.38520.6520.625.08.1974NU
9Bawanthadi Reservoir Bawanthri/ GodavariBalaghat344.4345.6NA29.08.2020NU
10Bansagar DamSone/ GangaShahdol341.64342.934NANANU
11Gandhi Sagar Reservoir FTChambal/ YamunaMandsaur399.9401.1401.9915.09.2019NU
12RAJGHAT DAMBetwa/ YamunaAshoknagar371373.07NANANU
13Mandikhera (Atal Sagar) DamSindh/YamunaShivpuri346.25NANANANU
14Gudha DamMej/ChambalShajapur305.85307.37NANANU

MP: List of Level Monitoring Sites UPGRADED into Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
2Narmada at MaalpurNarmadaDindori613.5616615.8921.08.2022
5MohgaonBurhner/ NarmadaMandla463464.5467.308.08.2004
6Gaur at BhalawaraGaur/ NarmadaJabalpur393.5395.5393.4522.08.2022
7Hiran at SingaldeepHiran/ NarmadaJabalpur365366363.322.08.2022
8DhareriChambal/ YamunaUjjain478.5479.5482.20810.08.1979
9TalChambal/ YamunaRatlam441443438.1226.07.2015
10UjjainShipra/ ChambalUjjain476477483.8116.08.1986
11MahidpurShipra/ ChambalUjjain453454456.310.08.2006
12SarangpurKalisindh/ ChambalRajgarh420421420.7529.07.2012
14A.B. Road X-ingParwati/ ChambalGuna40440540323.08.1982
15GARRAULIDhasan/ BetwaTikamgarh203204210.510.09.1983
16KULDAH BRIDGESone/GangaSidhi237.25238.25245.1822.08.1975

Madhya Pradesh: List of Level Forecast Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
2TESKATapi/ TapiBetul465475.53473.5NA

Madhya Pradesh: List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

1D/S HoshangabadNarmadaSehoreNANA
2MagardharraWainganga/ GodavariBalaghat309.230.08.2020

Madhya Pradesh: List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022


                    Madhya Pradesh: List of Inflow Forecast Sites ADDED in 2022

1Kolar ReservoirKolar/ NarmadaSehore462.2463.3
2Pench Reservoir (Machagora Dam)Pench/ GodavariChhindwara625.75626.97
3Bawanthadi Reservoir Bawanthri/ GodavariBalaghat344.4345.6
4Mandikhera (Atal Sagar) DamSindh/YamunaShivpuri346.25NA

Madhya Pradesh: List of Inflow Forecast Sites REMOVED in 2022

1Duplicate RAJGHAT DAMBetwa/YamunaAshoknagarNANA


The number of flood monitoring sites in Gujarat went up from 34 (7 LF, 19, LM and 8 IF) in 2018 to 40 (6 LF, 27 LM and 7 IF sites) in 2019. This excluded the 3 sites Sardar Sarovar, Dantewada and Madhuban which were repeated.

As of September 2022, there are 49 flood monitoring sites including 9 LF, 33 LM and 7 IF sites. In past two years, CWC has added 3 LF sites, 10 LM sites in the state and has removed 6 LM sites. The 3 repeated sites has also been removed.

Rajpipla, Mahuwa and Gadat are three new LF sites added in the state. While the WL is missing for Rajpipla site, the HFL dates for Mahuwa and Gadat are not given. The HFL and date are unavailable for Gadat site. The hydrographs for 7 sites are not updated on time.

Gujarat: List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
3RAJPIPLAKarjan/ NarmadaNarmadaNA26.830.307.09.1994Yes
4Subhash BridgeSabarmatiAhmedabad44.0945.3447.4520.08.2006NU
5Wanakbori WeirMahiKheda71.9374.9876.112.08.2006Yes
7VAPIDaman Ganga/ WFR Tapi-TadriValsad18.219.223.7603.08.2004NU
8MAHUWAPurna/ WFR Tapi-TadriSurat151824.8NANU
9GADATAmbika/ WFR Tapi-TadriSurat1112NANANU

In LM sites HFL is not given for 9 sites and HFL dates are missing for 13 sites. CWC has provided HFL dates for 8 sites which were not mentioned earlier. The hydrographs for 2 sites Ambaji and Sagabara are inactive and running slow for 10 other sites. The Sarotry site is not opening and could not be reviewed here. The information for this site is taken from 2019 report by SANDRP.

Gujarat: List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MDateHA?
1PINGALWADADhadhar/ NarmadaVadodara19.25NAYes
3BODELIOrsang/ NarmadaVadodaraNANAYes
4CHANWADAOrsang/ NarmadaVadodaraNANAYes
6Derol BridgeSabarmatiSabarkantha95.8317.07.1993Yes
8JotasanWakal/ SabarmatiSabarkantha291.620.08.2006Yes
9RatanpurWatrak/ SabarmatiKheda48.228.07.1997NU
10KhedaWatrak/ SabarmatiKheda28.225.08.1990Yes
11Watrak DamWatrak/ SabarmatiSabarkanthaNANANU
12Harnav WeirHarnav/ SabarmatiSabarkanthaNANAYes
13Hathmati WeirHathmati/ SabarmatiSabarkanthaNANAYes
14Raska WeIrMeshwa/ SabarmatiKhedaNANANU
16ChakaliyaAnas/ MahiDohad230.211.08.2006NU
19KHOLWAD (KATHORE)TapiSurat11.9129.09.2021Yes
21SarotryBanas/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBanaskantha194.3101.09.1973Yes
22KamalpurBanas/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniPatam38.9808.09.1992Yes
23ChitrasaniBalaram/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBanaskantha190.7729.07.2015NU
24Bhakudar (Sipu Dam)Sipu/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBanaskanthaNANANU
25LowaraShetrunji/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBhavnagar66.6320.07.1983Yes
26GanodBhadar/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniRajkot34.122.06.1983Yes
27GunganMachhu/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniRajkot24.59511.08.1979Yes
28UnaMachhundri/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniGir Somnath19.208.08.2019NU
29SapawadaRupen/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniMahesana4327.08.1997NU
30SavniHiran/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniGir Somnath20.9NANU
31ChhasaraKharimitti/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniKachchh9.675NANU
32JamravalVartu/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniDevbhumi Dwaraka9.425NAYes
33AmbajiBanas/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBanaskanthaNANANo

In IF sites, the MWL mention previously has now been removed for the Madhuban dam site. Out of 7 sites, CWC has mentioned the HFL for only 2 sites (106.98 m for Ukai Reservoir and 80.6 m for Madhuban Dam) while HFL dates for only 1 site (27.09.1983 for Madhuban Dam). Like Sarotry LM site, the Dantiwada IF site is also not opening and could not be reviewed this time.

Gujarat: List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

1Dharoi DamSabarmatiMahesana189.59192.25Yes
2Sardar Sarovar ReservoirNarmadaNarmada138.68140.21Yes
3Kadana DamMahiMahisagar127.71127.71Yes
4Panam DamPanam/MahiPanchmahals127.41128.015NU
5Ukai ReservoirTapiSurat105.156105.539Yes
6Dantiwada DamBanas/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBanaskantha184.1185.06 
7Madhuban DamDaman Ganga/ WFR Tapi-TadriValsad79.86NAYes

Gujarat: List of New Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
1RAJPIPLAKarjan/ NarmadaNarmadaNA26.830.307.09.1994
2MAHUWAPurna/ WFR Tapi-TadriSurat151824.8NA
3GADATAmbika/ WFR Tapi-TadriSurat1112NANA

Gujarat: List of New Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MDate
1PINGALWADADhadhar/ NarmadaVadodara19.25NA
3BODELIOrsang/ NarmadaVadodaraNANA
4CHANWADAOrsang/ NarmadaVadodaraNANA
8SavniHiran/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniGir Somnath20.9NA
9ChhasaraKharimitti/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniKachchh9.675NA
10AmbajiBanas/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniBanaskanthaNANA

Gujarat: List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MDate
1NANIPALSANWFR Tapi-TadriValsad110.0303-08-2004
2NavadraHiren/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniJamnagarNANA
3WadsarNA/ WFR of Kach Saur & LuniKachchhNANA


Maharashtra had 67 flood monitoring sites comprising of 8 LF, 52 LM and 7 IF sites in 2018. A total of 37 more sites were added in the state by CWC in 2019 including 4 LF, 26 LM and 7 IF. It also removed 7 inactive and repeated sites. So by 2019 there were 97 flood monitoring sites in the state comprising of 11 LF, 72 LM and 14 IF sites.

In the past two years, CWC has upgraded 27 LM sites into LF sites. It has also added 20 new sites in the state including 4 LF, 13 LM and 03 IF sites. At the same site 4 old LM sites has been removed from the state. Hence, as of September 2022, there are a total 113 flood monitoring sites in Maharashtra comprising of 42 LF, 54 LM and 17 IF sites. The list of all upgraded, added and removed sites is given separately after covering overall sites in the state.

Out of 42 LF sites CWC has updated new HFL for 13 sites. There are sites which had breached HFL before 2019 but were not updated in time. CWC has also not mentioned HFL dates for 14 sites while DL for 2 sites and HFL for 1 site are missing. The hydrographs for 28 sites are running slow by 2 to 3 hours. CWC has changed WL, DL for Bhandara site. The old HFL 13.325 m dated 05.09.2011 was higher than 12.465 m dated 05.08.2019 for Niivali site.

Maharashtra: List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
4Gangakhed W/L StationGodavariParbhani374375377.5701.08.1947NU
6BhandaraWainganga/ GodavariBhandra245.5245.7250.916.09.2005NU
7PauniWainganga/ GodavariBhandra226.73227.73237.11507.09.1994NU
8Bamni (Balharsha)Wardha/ GodavariChandrapur171.5174176.4514.08.1986NU
9DegloorLendi/ GodavariNanded362.85363.85364.8501.10.2016NU
10ZariDudhna/ GodavariParbhani380381387.3826.07.2005NU
14Arjunwad (S)KrishnaKohlapur539.2540.7544.34509.08.2019NU
16NANDREYerala/ KrishnaSangli540.17542.21548.44508.08.2019NU
17Terwad (S)Panchganga/ KrishnaKolhapur534536541.64NANU
18PhulgaonBhima/ KrishnaPune548549549.53NANU
19ParagaonBhima/ KrishnaPune517.5519.5515.72NAYes
20DhondBhima/ KrishnaPune504505508.8NAYes
21NarsingpurBhima/ KrishnaSholapur458.403459.033462.39310.08.2006NU
22TakliBhima/ KrishnaSholapur419420.5424.5NAYes
23WarunjiKoyna/ KrishnaSatara562.8565.2568.04706.06.1976Yes
24Samdoli (S)Warna/ KrishnaSangli541.95543.15547.03NANU
25MirawadiMula-Mutha/ KrishnaPune524.5526.5523.18NANU
26SaratiNira/ KrishnaPune474.128475.128477.808NANU
27WadakbalSina/ KrishnaSholapur426.5427.5429.33NAYes
  Bhima   428.56329.09.1989 
28BadlapurUlhas/ WFR Tapi-TadriThane16.517.526.16226.07.2005NU
29AnjanariKajvi/ WFR Tapi-TadriRatnagiri16.517.520.505.08.2019NU
30Belne BridgeGad/ WFR Tapi-TadriSindudurg15.516.520.0123.07.2021NU
31PenBhogeshwari/ WFR Tapi-TadriRaigad12.295131716.07.1999NU
32NagothaneAmba/ WFR Tapi-TadriRaigad8913.7525.07.2005NU
33MahadSavitri/ WFR Tapi-TadriRaigad101113.4623.07.2021Yes
34NiivaliBav/ WFR Tapi-TadriRatnagiri9.41112.46505.08.2019NU
35MangaonKal/ WFR Tapi-TadriRaigad9.22510.25510.56525.07.2006Yes
36MuradpurVashisti/ WFR Tapi-TadriRatnagiri578.423.07.2021Yes
37WANKHEDTapiBuldhana252.7254.9257.2NA  NU
38SARANGKHEDATapiNandubar132.05132.5NANA  NU
   Dhule  127.0808.08.2006 
40GOPALKHEDAPurna/ TapiAkola245NA252.1NAYes
41Purna at YerliPurna/ TapiBuldhana221223233.707.08.2006Yes

In LM sites, CWC has added new HFL for 28 sites. Most of these sites had breached the HFL before 2019, however the same was not updated by the CWC at that time. There are 7 sites without HFL and 10 sites without HFL dates. The hydrographs are inactive for 4 sites while not being updated in time for 35 other sites.

The hydrograph for Mirdapalli site shows it breaching HFL 237.54 m at 11:00 hour on 31.08.2022 while CWC had previously updated its HFL as 243.55 m. The hydrograph is inactive now.

Maharashtra: List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MDateHA?
1Gangapur Dam (State Govt.)GodavariNasikNANANU
2KanhargaonPenganga/ GodavariHingoli478.03506.08.2006NU
3P.G. BridgePenganga/ GodavariYavathmal217.9807.08.2006NU
4Mungoli (Township)Penganga/ GodavariYavathmal100.8414.07.2022NU
5RuiKayadhu/ GodavariNanded404.57503.09.2006Yes
6ASEGAONPenganga/ GodavariWashim496.106.08.2006Yes
7MAHAGAON (Pus)Pus/ GodavariYavathmal281.20517.08.1963Yes
8MirdapalliIndravathi/ GodavariGadchiroli243.5522.08.1990No
  Pranhita 237.5420.09.1969 
9Tekra (Aheri-Gudem Bridge)Pranhita/ GodavariGadchiroliNANANU
10LasurShivna/ GodavariAurangabad513.528.09.2021NU
11PachegaonPravara/ GodavariAhmednagar47807.08.2006NU
12MangrulAran/ GodavariYavathmal290.38526.08.2002Yes
13HivraWardha/ GodavariWardha248.4112.07.1994NU
14Sakhra (Wardsa)Wardha/GodavariGadchiroli219.5631.08.2020NU
15KapsiWardha/ GodavariWardha212.3112.07.1994NU
16GhugusWardha/ GodavariChandrapur182.4317.07.2013NU
17DHANORA (Wardha)  Wardha/ GodavariChandrapur186.5214.08.1986NU
19NagariIPothara/ GodavariChandrapur208.15522.07.1992NU
20BhishnurWardha/ GodavariWardha302.9806.09.1994NU
21PatalaWardha/ GodavariChandrapur194.3119.07.2022NU
22PuradNirguda/ GodavariYavathmal189.313.07.1994NU
23SatrapurKanhan/ GodavariNagpur278.4330.08.2020NU
25PatansaongiChandrabhaga/ GodavariNagpur300.1113.07.1994NU
26MoudaKanhan/ GodavariNagpur261.630.08.2020NU
28SalebardiChulband/ GodavariBhandra233.5515.09.2005Yes
29AMBGAON (BAGADI)Chulband/ GodavariBhandra223.8903.08.1994No
30Sakoli BridgeChulband/ GodavariBhandra242.315.08.2022Yes
31WairagarahKhobragarhi/ GodavariGadchiroli217.3807.08.2007Yes
32BHAGWANPUR (Kurkheda)Sati/ GodavariGadchiroli240.8910.09.1994No
33AshtiWainganga/ GodavariGadchiroli155.3508.09.1994NU
35MarkhandadeoWainganga/ GodavariGadchiroli188.6717.07.1994NU
36MAHALGAONWainganga/ GodavariGondia273.47511.07.2005NU
37NandgaonWunna/ GodavariWardha213.6313.07.1994NU
38Mondgaon (Yellakeli)Dham/ GodavariWardha259.422.08.1978NU
40RajoliMul/ GodavariChandrapur191.7219.07.2000Yes
41SitekasaBawanthadi/ GodavariBhandra311.506.09.1994Yes
42Dharna Dam (State Govt Site)Darana/ GodavariParbhaniNANANU
43PalkhedKadwa/ GodavariNasikNANANo
44DHANORA (KATHANI)Kathani/ GodavariGadchiroli228.88525.08.2015NU
45TALASWADANalganaga/ TapiBuldana226.1NANU
46DHUPESHWARPurna/ TapiBuldhana222NAYes
52LAKHPURIPurna/ TapiAmravatiNANANU
53OZERKHEDAWagh/ WFR Tapi-TadriNashikNANANU 
54DURVESHVaitarna/ WFR Tapi-TadriThane16.13NANU

Out of 17 IF sites, CWC has provided HFL for only 4 sites and dates for only 2 sites. Hydrographs for 14 sites are not being updated in time, while it is inactive for Warna dam site.

Maharashtra: List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

1Jaikwadi DamGodavariAurangabad463.91465.5NU
3Gosikhurd DamWainganga/ GodavariBhandra245.5245.75NU
  Penganga/ Godavari    
4Mula DamMula/ GodavariAhmednagar552.3NANU
5Upper Wardha ProjectWarda/ GpdavaroAmaravathi342.5343.5NU
7Pench ReservoirPench/ GodavariNagpur490.0493.6NU
8Yeldari DamPurna/ GodavariPrabhani461.772462.38NU
9Isapur ReservoirPenganga/ GodavariYavatmal441445.3NU
 Upper Penganga Project     
10Warna DamWarna/ KrishnaKolhapurNANANo
11Veer DamNira/ KrishnaSatara579.85NANU
12Koyna DamKoyna/ KrishnaSatara659.43NANU
13Ujjani DamBhima/ KrishnaSholapur496.83497.58NU
16KURANKHEDAKatepurna/ TapiAkola289.55292.45Yes
17SHIRPURArunawati/ TapiDhuleNANANU

Maharashtra: Level Monitoring Sites UPGRADED into Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
2DegloorLendi/ GodavariNanded362.85363.85364.8501.10.2016
3ZariDudhna/ GodavariParbhani380381387.3826.07.2005
7NANDREYerala/ KrishnaSangli540.17542.21548.44508.08.2019
8Terwad (S)Panchganga/ KrishnaKolhapur534536541.64NA
9PhulgaonBhima/ KrishnaPune548549549.53NA
10ParagaonBhima/ KrishnaPune517.5519.5515.72NA
11DhondBhima/ KrishnaPune504505508.8NA
12NarsingpurBhima/ KrishnaSholapur458.403459.033462.39310.08.2006
13TakliBhima/ KrishnaSholapur419420.5424.5NA
14WarunjiKoyna/ KrishnaSatara562.8565.2568.04706.06.1976
15MirawadiMula-Mutha/ KrishnaPune524.5526.5523.18NA
16SaratiNira/ KrishnaPune474.128475.128477.808NA
17WadakbalSina/ KrishnaSholapur426.5427.5429.33NA
18Belne BridgeGad/ WFR Tapi-TadriSindudurg15.516.520.0123.07.2021
19PenBhogeshwari/ WFR Tapi-TadriRaigad12.295131716.07.1999
20NagothaneAmba/ WFR Tapi-TadriRaigad8913.7525.07.2005
21NiivaliBav/ WFR Tapi-TadriRatnagiri9.41112.46505.08.2019
22MangaonKal/ WFR Tapi-TadriRaigad9.22510.25510.56525.07.2006
23MuradpurVashisti/ WFR Tapi-TadriRatnagiri578.423.07.2021
26GOPALKHEDAPurna/ TapiAkola245NA252.1NA
27Purna at YerliPurna/ TapiBuldhana221223233.707.08.2006

Maharashtra: List of Level Forecast Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
1BadlapurUlhas/WFR Tapi-TadriThane16.517.526.16226.07.2005
2AnjanariKajvi/WFR Tapi-TadriRatnagiri16.517.520.505.08.2019

Maharashtra: List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MDate
1KapsiWardha/ GodavariWardha212.3112.07.1994
4SitekasaBawanthadi/ GodavariBhandra311.506.09.1994
5TALASWADANalganaga/ TapiBuldana226.1NA
6DHUPESHWARPurna/ TapiBuldhana222NA
12LAKHPURIPurna/ TapiAmravatiNANA
13DURVESHVaitarna/ WFR Tapi-TadriThane16.13NA

Maharashtra: List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrict/TownHFL, MDate

Maharashtra: List of Inflow Forecast Sites ADDED in 2022

2KURANKHEDAKatepurna/ TapiAkola289.55292.45Yes
3SHIRPURArunawati/ TapiDhuleNANANU

Maharashtra: List of Inflow Forecast Sites with HFL Information

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL, MDate
1Gosikhurd DamWainganga/ GodavariBhandra245.510.01.2022
2Upper Wardha ProjectWarda/ GpdavaroAmaravathi343.517.10.2003
3Pench ReservoirPench/ GodavariNagpurNA08.09.2013
4Isapur ReservoirPenganga/ GodavariYavatmal441.408.08.2006


Earlier there were only 2 sites in the state without any detail. Now the CWC has upgraded both these to LF sites.  

Goa: List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
1CollemKhadepar/ WFR Tapi-TadriSouth Goa69.570.573.523.07.2021Yes
2GanjemMadai/ WFR Tapi-TadriNorth Goa8.759.7514.623.07.2021Yes


There is only 1 LF site in Dadar & Nagar Haveli Union Territory (UT) without HFL date and not-updated hydrograph.

               Dadar & Nagar Haveli: List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
1SILVASSADaman Ganga/ WFR Tapi-TadriDadar & Nagar Haveli293037.26NANU


The UT of Daman & Diu also has only 1 LF site.

Damn & Diu: List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
1DamanDaman Ganga/ WFR Tapi-TadriDaman2063.4403.08.2004NU


In 2018, the CWC FF website had listed a total of 173 sites including 17 LF, 130 LM and 26 IF sites in West Zone comprising of Rajasthan (30), Madhya Pradesh (40), Gujarat (34), Maharashtra (67) and Goa (2). In 2019, CWC added 165 more flood monitoring sites taking total tally to 338 sites (23 LF, 273 LM and 42 IF) of which 47 were in Rajasthan, 152 in Madhya Pradesh, 40 in Gujarat, 97 in Maharashtra and 2 in Goa.

Bar chart showing CWC flood monitoring sites excluding UTs of Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu in West India in 2018, 2019 and 2022.

In the past two years, 30 more sites have been added in West Zone and now there are 368 sites (96 LF, 224 LM, 48 IF sites) in the region of which 46 are in Rajasthan, 156 in Madhya Pradesh, 49 in Gujarat, 113 in Maharashtra, 2 in Goa and 1 each in Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu.

Summary Table of Level & Inflow Forecast, Monitoring Sites in West India in 2022

Madhya Pradesh2300117021400156
Dadar & Nagar Haveli01000000000001
Daman & Diu01000000000001
WEST India96 224 48 368

Of the total 368 sites, 12 sites (9 LM and 3 IF) sites are inactive hence the actual number of active sites in the region is 356. Like other regions, CWC has been upgrading LM sites to LF sites in West region too and most of the upgraded sites lack complete details.

As a result, the number of LF sites has gone upto 96 from 23 while the number of LM sites has come down to 224 from 273 in 2019 in West zone. In this period CWC, has added only 6 new IF sites in West region. Most of the IF sites are functioning like LM sites with incomplete information on inflows and outflows.

In another concerning trend, the CWC has not been updating the hydrographs in timely manner and there are a total 218 sites including 62 LF, 122 LM and 34 IF sites with hydrographs running late by 2-3 more several hours during active monsoon season.

Similarly, there are 28 sites without HFL and 48 sites without HFL dates. The FRL and MWL is missing for 9 and 5 sites respectively. CWC has been changing sites spelling, rivers name and even districts for scores of sites which shows inconsistency in its record keeping.

Similarly, the HFL and dates are not being updated in time and in many cases new HFL are found lower than previous HFL. The other inaccuracies and mistakes have already been highlighted in state wise manner above. Broadly, it is imperative for CWC to improve these basic errors if it has any hope of giving better impression of its flood forecast and monitoring work.

A SANDRP analysis (

End Notes:-  







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