CWC - Central Water Commission

2022: CWC Flood Monitoring Sites in East India

Flood forecast and monitoring is essential part of Central Water Commission’s (CWC) work. Presently, the agency claims[I] issuing flood forecasts at 332 sites including 133 Inflow Forecast (IF) sites and 199 Level Forecast (LF) sites. Since 2018, SANDRP has been presenting critical analysis of CWC’s flood forecast website[II] in region wise manner.

In 2022 SW monsoon season, we have already published the overviews for North[III] and North East[IV] regions of the country. This third part in the series covers the states in East India including Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal (Ganga Basin). Our previous overviews for the region can be seen here (2018[V]) and here (2019[VI]). 

Abbreviation List

SNAbbreviationShort Form
1Level ForecastLF
2Level MonitoringLM
3Inflow ForecastIF
5Warning LevelWL
6Danger LevelDL
7Highest Flood LevelHFL
8Hydrograph ActiveHA
9Not UpdatedNU
10Full Reservoir LevelFRL
11Maximum Water LevelMWL
12Not AvailableNA
14East Flowing Rivers BetweenEFR B


In 2018, CWC’s FF website had a total of 58 sites from Bihar comprising of 35 LF and 23 LM sites. CWC added 60 LM (of which 2 were added after the overview) and 3 IF sites (Gandak, Indrapuri, Kosi) in the state in 2019. It also upgraded 6 LM sites – Dheng Bridge, Runisaidpur, Taibpur, Araria, Sonbarsa, Jainagar into LF sites. In total, CWC had 121 sites comprised of 41 LF, 77 LM and 3 IF sites in 2019.

Between 2019 and August 2022, CWC has upgraded 15 LM sites in LF sites and wrongly added Chapra as new LF site in Saran district. The Chapra site was earlier in Nadia district of West Bengal. Its hydrograph is active but not updated. CWC has also added 3 new LM sites (India Nepal Border Bhutahi, Sultanganj and Bagaha) and removed 15 LM sites from the state.

As of September 2022, there are 109 flood monitoring stations in Bihar including 57 LF, 49 LM and 3 IF sites. In LF sites, the HFL dates for Triveni on Gandak river and Galgalia on Mechi river are not mentioned while the hydrograph for Kanti site on Burhi Gandak is inactive. The HFL for Indrapuri site on Sone River which was changed to 109m from 108.85m in 2019 is reversed again. CWC keeps doing such changes without giving any convincing explanations.

Out of 49 LM sites, 24 sites have no HFL, HFL attaining dates while hydrograph for 29 sites are inactive and not updated for 11 other sites. The HFL date for Birpur site on Kosi River is missing.

Out of 3 IF sites, Indrapuri Barrage on Sone River is inactive while hydrograph for Kosi Barrage on Kosi River is running slow. Hence, presently only one IF site Gandak Barrage on Gandak river is properly functioning.

CWC has made several changes in the sites, rivers and district names. It has also updated the HFL, dates for several sites. The changes are mentioned in the tables below with main sites including the updated HFL, dates while the previous details and old HFL, dates are given in next rows.

The details of all added, removed and upgraded sites is given in separate tables. The Sultanganj new LM site was earlier in Devghar district of Jharkhand.

Note:- All the rivers in the state are part of Ganga basin and the basin category along with river in the tables is excluded to adjust column width. We have used Ps Champaran for Pashchim Champaran and Pb Champaran for Purba Champaran for the same purpose in the tables.  

Bihar: List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSitesRiverDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MHFL DateHA?
2Dighaghat GangaPatna49.4550.4552.5223.08.1975Yes
8TriveniGandakPs. Champaran108.67109.67112.79NANU
9ChatiaGandakPs. Champaran68.1569.1570.0426.07.2002Yes
17ChanpatiaBurhi GandakPs. Champaran72.6873.6876.6815.09.1986Yes
18LalbegiaghatBurhi GandakPb. Champaran62.263.267.0930.07.1975Yes
19AhirwaliaBurhi GandakPb. Champaran58.6259.6261.1706.08.1975Yes
20KantiBurhi GandakMuzaffarpur53.0954.0956.4520.07.2019No
21SikandarpurBurhi GandakMuzaffarpur51.5352.5354.2915.08.1987Yes
22SakraBurhi GandakMuzaffarpur49.5850.5851.4712.07.2021NU
23SamastipurBurhi GandakSamastipur45.0246.0249.3815.08.1987Yes
24RoseraBurhi GandakSamastipur41.6342.6346.5603.08.2020Yes
25KhagariaBurhi GandakKhangaria35.5836.5839.2216.08.1976Yes
34Dheng BridgeBagmatiSitamarhi70717313.08.2017Yes
36BenibadBagmati 47.6848.6850.0112.07.2004Yes
  Adhwara   48.0424.08.2017 
  Mahananda  47.3   
   Nadia  NANA 

Bihar: List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSitesRiverDistrict/TownHFL, MDateHA?
1Indo Nepal Border (Bhutahi)GangaSitamarhi70.213.07.2019NU
13BagahaGandakPs. Champaran90.0827.08.2021No
14ThakrahaGandakPs. Champaran78.6823.07.2020No
17BairganiaBurhi GandakSitamarhi72.2213.07.2020Yes
 Bergenia  NANAYes
18SugauliBurhi GandakPb. Champaran6924.07.2020NU
19LakhouraBurhi GandakPb. Champaran64.2529.07.2020NU
20ChintawanpurBurhi GandakPb. Champaran62.9507.07.2021NU
21MadhubanBurhi GandakPb. Champaran61.6915.07.2019No
24Dalsingh SaraiKosiSamstipur44.3414.08.2020NU
37Mohauddin NagarBayaSamstipur44.9717.08.2021No
39RautaWest KankaiPurnia43.2115.07.2019No

Bihar List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

1Gandak BarrageGandakPs. Champaran110.3113.05Yes
2Indrapuri BarrageSoneRohtasNANANo
3Kosi BarrageKosi/Sapaul74.6979.26NU

Bihar: List of Level Monitoring Sites UPGRADED into Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSitesRiverDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MHFL Date
1TriveniGandakPs. Champaran108.67109.67112.79NA
3Kadirganj HaroharNawada858686.5223.09.2006
8ChanpatiaBurhi GandakPs. Champaran72.6873.6876.6815.09.1986
9SakraBurhi GandakMuzaffarpur49.5850.5851.4712.07.2021
10KantiBurhi GandakMuzaffarpur53.0954.0956.4520.07.2019

Bihar: List of Level Forecast Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSitesRiverDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MHFL Date

Bihar: List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSitesRiverDistrictHFL, MDate
1Bhutahi (I-N Border)GangaSitamarhi70.213.07.2019
3BagahaGandak/GanngaPs. Champaran90.0827.08.2021

Bihar: List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSitesRiverDistrictHFL, MDate
13KathautiyaNorth KoelGayaNANA
14BairiyaNorth KoelPs. ChamparanNANA


The number of flood monitoring sties in Jharkhand state went up from 27 (including 2 LF, 14 LM and 11 IF sites) in 2018 to 46 (comprised of 2 LF, 29 LM and 15 IF sites) in 2019. As of September 2022, CWC has added one more site in the state taking total tally to 47 sites comprised of 15 LF, 16 LM and 16 IF sites. 

In past 2 years, CWC has upgraded 10 LM sites into LF sites and added 3 new LF sites. Out of total new LF sites, 6 sites have no WL while hydrograph for 10 sites is not updated. The Tantloi and Palmerganj sties were previously listed under Birbhum district of West Bengal and Aurangabad district of Bihar.

CWC has also removed 11 old LM sites and has added 8 new LM sites. The Sikatia Barrage LM site was previously listed in Bardhaman district of West Bengal while Bairiya and Kathautiya LM sites were listed in Pashchim Champaran and Gaya districts of Bihar.

Out of total 16 LM sites, HFL, HFL attaining date information is missing for 11 sites while hydrographs for 8 LM sites is inactive. Similarly, hydrographs for 4 LM sites is running late by several hours.

CWC has added one more IF site, namely Narayanpuram Anicut on Nagavali river which is part of East Flowing Rivers between Mahanadi and Pennar. Out of total 16 IF sites, FRL is missing for 4 sites while MWL is unavailable for 6 sites. CWC has not mentioned HFL, HFL attaining Date information for 10 IF sites.

Surprisingly, hydrographs for 7 IF sites are INACTIVE while not being updated for 9 other IF sites. Hence none of the IF site is functioning properly even during active monsoon season in Jharkhand.

If the sites with inactive hydrographs are excluded, the actual number of active sites will come down to 32 in the state.

Apart from this, CWC has made changes in site name, rivers, districts, HFL, HFL attaining Dates, FRL and MWL for several sites. The previous information pertaining to these sites is mentioned in next rows for easy reference in our tables blow. 

Jharkhand List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
3HendegirDamodar/ GangaRanchiNA365.3368.85826.09.1978NU
4RamgarhDamodar/ GangaRamgarhNA307.51316.6826.09.1978NU
5PupunkiDamodar/ GangaDhanbadNA153.5160.0521.08.1976NU
6BarkisuriyaBarakar/ GangaGiridih288.4289.4292.3217.09.2004NU
   Dhanbad  200.644NA 
8DaltonganjNorth Koel/ GangaPalamu208209210.9117.09.1976Yes
9Mohammad GanjNorth Koel/ GangaPalamu144.52145.52146.6619.08.2016Yes
10MaharoMayurakshi/ GangaDumkaNA128.165139.0321.09.2000NU
11JaplaSone/ GangaPalamu124.09125.09128.0415.08.1975Yes
12TANTLOISidheswari/ GangaDumka94.40695.406100.42527-09-1978NU
14BERHAITGumani/ GangaSahibganjNA47.5348.816.07.1977NU
15JamshedpurSubarnarekhaPurbi  Singbhum122.5123.5129.8212.10.1973Yes

Jharkhand List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrictHFL, MDateHA?
1Sikatia BarrageAjoy/ GangaDeoghar169.2427.09.1995NU
2Jamtara1Ajoy/ GangaJamtara146.520.09.2000NU
3HaripurTepra/ GangaDumka137.128.09.2008Yes
4GarhwaNorth Koel/ GangaPalamuNANANU
5BairiyaNorth Koel/ GangaPalamuNANANo
   Ps. Champaran   
6KathautiyaNorth Koel/ GangaPalamuNANANU
7PUTKIDamodar/ GangaDhanbadNANANo
10Rd.Bridge D/S  Chandil DamDulang/ SubarnarekhaPurbi SinghbhumNANAYes
11AdityapurKarkari/ SubarnarekhaPaschim Singbhum137.818.06.2008Yes
12Kanke Rd Bridge Jumar/ SubarnarekhaRanchiNANANo
13Saraikela Rd BridgeKharkhai/ SubarnarekhaPashchim SinghbhumNANANo
14Bada Ghagara Vaitarna/ SubarnarekhaRanchiNANANo
15Dhurwa DamGara/ SubarnarekhaRanchiNANANo
16ParadihKanchi/ SubarnarekhaRanchiNANANo

Jharkhand List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrictFRLMWLHFL, MDateHA?
1BHAIRWA DAM Damodar/ GangaHazaribagNANANANANo
2Tenughat ReservoirDamodar/ GangaBokaro268.834268.83265.5617.09.1985NU
3Panchat ReservoirDamodar/ GangaDhanbad132.59132.59132.89302.10.1959NU
4Amanat BarrageNorth Koel/ GangaPalamu274.39269.9NANANo
5Anraj DamNorth Koel/ GangaGharwa252.44NANANANo
6BataneBatane/ GangaPalamu232.85226.618NANANo
7Maithon DamBarakar/ GangaDhanbad150.88151.79151.7901.10.1959NU
8Tilaiya ReservoirBarakar/ GangaHazaribagNANA372.2806.07.1986NU
9Massanjore DamMayurakshi/ GangaDumka121.31122.87131.620.10.1959NU
   Santhal Parganas     
10Sundar ReservoirSundar/GangaGodda110.795112.85NANANo
11Konar DamKonark/ GangaHazaribagNANA427.9101.10.1961NU
13Getasut ReservoirSubarnarekhaRanchi590.06590.06NANANo
14Chandil DamSubarnarekhaSahebganj189192NANANU
   Purba Singbhum192NA   
15Galudih BarrageSubarnarekhaPashchimi Singhbhum94.5101.25NANANU
16Narayanpuram AnicutNagavali/ EFRs between Mahanadi-PennarGumla32.7732.77NANANU

Jharkhand List of Level Monitoring Sites UPGRADED into Level Forecast in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
2RamgarhDamodar/ GangaRamgarhNA307.51316.6826.09.1978
3PupunkiDamodar/ GangaDhanbadNA153.5160.0521.08.1976
4BarkisuriyaBarakar/ GangaGiridih288.4289.4292.3217.09.2004
6DaltonganjNorth Koel/ GangaPalamu208209210.9117.09.1976
7Mohammad GanjNorth Koel/ GangaPalamu144.52145.52146.6619.08.2016
8MaharoMayurakshi/ GangaDumka 128.165139.0321.09.2000
9JaplaSone/ GangaPalamu124.09125.09128.0415.08.1975
10BERHAITGumani/ GangaSahibganjNA47.5348.816.07.1977

Jharkhand List of Level Forecast Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
1HendegirDamodar/ GangaRanchiNA365.3368.85826.09.1978
2TANTLOISidheswari/ GangaDumka94.40695.406100.42527-09-1978

Jharkhand List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrictHFL, MDate
1Sikatia BarrageAjoy/ GangaDeoghar169.2427.09.1995
2BairiyaNorth Koel/ GangaPalamuNANA
3KathautiyaNorth Koel/ GangaPalamuNANA
4Kanke Rd Bridge Jumar/ SubarnarekhaRanchiNANA
5Saraikela Rd BridgeKharkhai/ SubarnarekhaPashchim SinghbhumNANA
6Bada Ghagara Vaitarna/ SubarnarekhaRanchiNANA
7Dhurwa DamGara/ SubarnarekhaRanchiNANA
8ParadihKanchi/ SubarnarekhaRanchiNANA

Jharkhand List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MDate
1BERIABarakar/ GangaGiridihNANA
2PALGANJBarakar/ GangaGiridihNANA
3CHANDRAPURADamodar/ GangaBokaroNANA
4GHANSADIHDamodar/ GangaBokaroNANA
5RajharaSone/ GangaPalamuNANA
6PHUSRODamodar/ GangaBokaroNANA
7SUNDAR DAMSundar/ GangaGoddaNANA
9GhatsilaSubarnarekhaPurba Singbhum86.83513-10-1973
10Karkari Road BridgeKarkari/ SubarnarekhaSaraikelaNANA
11TilgaBrahmni/ Brahmani- BaitarniGumla379.523-09-2011

Jharkhand List of Inflow Forecast site ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrictFRLMWLHFL, MDate
1Narayanpuram AnicutNagavaliGumla32.7732.77NANA


There were 32 flood monitoring sites in Chhattisgarh in 2018 comprised of 1 LF, 31 LM sites. In 2019, CWC added 6 LM sites and 2 IF sites in the state taking total tally to 40 including 1 LF site, 37 LM sites and 2 IF sites.

As of September 2022, CWC has upgraded 3 LM sites into LF sites and added 2 new LM sites while removing 4 LM sites from the state. So, currently the state has 38 sites comprised of 4 LF, 32 LM and 2 IF sites.

The 3 LM sites including 2 newly added, namely Dudhawa and Murumsilli on Mahanadi lack and Raipur site on Kharun river lack HFL, HFL attaining Date and their hydrograph is inactive. Hence the actual number of active sites in the state is 35.

CWC has changed district name, HFL, HFL attaining date for several sites which are mentioned in separate rows after the respective sites in the tables below.  The old HFL 260.15 m dated 10.08.1994 for Ghatora LM site on Arpa River is higher than updated HFL 254.65 m dated 21.07.1994. No explanation is given by CWC for these changes.

The current HFL, HFL attaining date for Andhiyar Khore LM on Hamp river are same as the old HFL of the Ghatora LM site. The hydrographs for most of the LM sites are running late by 2 to 3 hours.

Chhattisgarh List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
1JagdalpurIndravathi/ GodavariBastar539.5540.8544.6809.07.1973Yes
2PathagudemIndravathi/ GodavariBijapur99.75101.75103.6123.08.1990Yes
4KontaSabari/ GodavariSukma44.348.350.1316.08.1986Yes

Chhattisgarh List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrictHFL, MDateHA?
9ManendragarhHasdeo/ MahanadiKorba420.8612.07.1990Yes
10KataghoraHasdeo/ MahanadiKorba312.9817.09.2015Yes
11Bango DamHasdeo/ MahanadiKorba302.123.08.1984Yes
12KorbaHasdeo/ MahanadiKorba279.0215.09.1987Yes
13BamnidhiHasdeo/ MahanadiJanjgir-champa229.22520.08.1975Yes
14ThethetangerIb/ MahanadiJashpur365.61528.08.1987Yes
15MALGAONPairi/ MahanadiGariaband326.7114.07.2022Yes
16BarondaPairi/ MahanadiGariaband290.8218.09.2008Yes
17GunderdehiTandula/ MahanadiBalod296.705.08.2014Yes
18KotniSeonath/ MahanadiDurg280.0830.08.1978Yes
19SimgaSeonath/ MahanadiBalod Bazar257.6813.07.1994Yes
20JondhraSeonath/ MahanadiBilaspur230.59514.07.1994Yes
21PathardihiKharun/ MahanadiRaipur280.0229.08.2020Yes
22RaipurKharun/ MahanadiRaipurNANANo
23Dharam JaigarhMand/ MahanadiRaigarh279.57527.07.1991Yes
24KurubhataMand/ MahanadiRaigarh220.428.08.2020Yes
25SankaraJonk/ MahanadiMahasamund271.1829.08.2003Yes
26RampurJonk/ MahanadiBalod Bazar229.66529.08.2003Yes
   Raipur 28.08.2003 
27Andhiyar KhoreHamp/ MahanadiBemetara260.1509.10.1994Yes
  HasdeoDurg 10.08.1994 
28GhatoraArpa/ MahanadiBilaspur254.6521.07.1994Yes
29ManiyariManiari/ MahanadiMungeli235.8830.08.2020Yes
30Kelo at RaigarhKelo/ MahanadiRaigarh229.6915.08.2008Yes
31ChindnarIndravathi/ GodavariDantewada340.205.07.2006Yes
32TumnarDantewada/ GodavariDantewada326.8304.09.1994Yes

Chhattisgarh List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/BasinDistrict/ TownFRLMWLHA?
1Ravishankar Sagar DamMahanadiDhamtari348.7350.7Yes
2Bango ReservoirHasdeo/ MahanadiKorba359.66363.08Yes

Chhattisgarh List of Level Monitoring Sites UPGRADED into Level Forecast in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
1PathagudemIndravathi/ GodavariBijapur99.75101.75103.6123.08.1990
3KontaSabari/ GodavariSukma44.348.350.1316.08.1986

Chhattisgarh List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiverDistrict/ TownHFL, MDate

Chhattisgarh List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MDate
1BaikunthapurHasdeo/ MahanadiKoriyaNANA
2Bango DamHasdeo/ MahanadiKorbaNANA
3PendraroadArpa/ MahanadiBilaspurNANA


In 2018, Odisha had 58 flood monitoring sites consisting of 12 LF, 43 LM and 3 IF sites. The number of total sites were increased to 86 after CWC added 1 LF sites, 22 LM sites, 5 IF sites in 2019. The list included 2 repeated sites namely Govindapur LF site and Hirakud IF site.

As of September 2022, the CWC has removed 7 sites from Odisha and now there are 79 flood monitoring sites in state comprising of 22 LF, 50 LM and 7 IF sites.

In LF sites, CWC has removed NH 5 Rd Bridge site which was repeated previously and upgraded 10 LM sites into LF sites. Out of 22 LF sites, the hydrographs for 18 sites are not updated (NU) and running late by 2 to 3 hours. CWC has not provided WL for 3 sites namely Madhabarida, Talcher and Swanpatna while WL and DL for 2 sites Mathani Rd Bridge and Nowrangpur are same.

The WL for Mathani Rd Bridge LF site has been changed from 4.5 m in 2018 to 5.0 m in 2019 and now to 5.5 m in 2022. The HFL 865.25 m for Sirimoda LF site on Kalab river is lower than WL 869.95 m and DL 871.55 m.

In LM sites, CWC has removed 9 sites while added 3 new sites. Out of 50 LM sites the HFL, dates are missing for 16 LM sites. Strangely, CWC has added the HFL, HFL attaining dates for several sites which were unavailable during previous overviews though the HFLs were attained before 2018, 2019. No explanation forthcoming from CWC.

Also, CWC has removed the HFL dates for 6 LM sites which were mentioned previously. The hydrographs for 38 sites are not updated (NU) while hydrographs for 4 LM sites are INACTIVE.

In IF site list, CWC mentioned HFL for only one site Hirakud as 192.3 m without any date. The repeated Hirakud reservoir site has been removed. Out of 7 IF sites, MWL is missing for 5 sites while hydrograph for 5 others are not updated.

CWC has also made changes in site name, river basin, districts name, HFL and HFL attaining dates in a number of cases. The changes are included in main rows for these sites and previous details are mentioned in following rows.

Details of all upgraded, added and removed sites are given in separate tables. Rivers which were earlier parts of East Flowing Rivers Between (EFR B) Mahanadi and Godavari basin has been changed to EFR B Mahanadi and Pennar basin.

Odisha List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDateHA?
3NimaparaKusavadra/ MahanadiPuri9.8510.7611.631.08.1982NU
4GunupurVamsadhara EFR B Mahanadi-PennarRayagada838488.7517.09.1980NU
5KashinagarVamsadhara/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGajapati54.154.658.93518.09.1980NU
6SoradaRushikulya/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGanjam80.9981.9983.2104.11.1990NU
7MadhabaridaBada Nadi/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGajapatiNA60.6561.4418.10.1999NU
8PurusottampurRushikulya/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGanjam15.83516.83519.65504.11.1990NU
9SwampatnaBaitarani/ Brahmani-BaitarniKendujharNA311.1315.6614.08.1975NU
10TalcherBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniAnngulNA62.9165.5319.08.1975NU
11AnandpurBaitarani/ Brahmani-BaitarniKendujhar37.4438.3641.3523.09.2011NU
12JenapurBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniJajpur222324.7820.08.1975NU
13AkhuapadaBaitarani/ Brahmani-BaitarniBhadrak17.8317.8321.9516.08.1960NU
16Mathani Rd BridgeSubarnarekhaBaleshwar5.55.57.3122.09.2021NU
17BaripadaBurhabalang/ SubarnarekhaMayurbhanj29.730.9234.8213.10.2013Yes
18JeyporeBurhabalang/ SubrnarekhaMayurbhanj25.1728.1727.431.10.1999NU
19Govindpur (NH5 R Bridge)Burhabalang/ SubarnarekhaBaleshwar7.218.139.508.10.1973NU
 Govindapur Balasore     
20SirimodaKalab/ GodavariKoraput869.55871.55865.2527.09.2021NU
21NowrangpurIndravathi/ GodavariNabarangapur555.75557.75559.3307.07.1973Yes
22KosagumdaBhaskal/ GodavariNabarangapur555556557.9805.08.2010Yes

Odisha List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownHFL, MDateHA?
   Boudh 19.08.2008 
4Boudh MahanadiAnugul88.614.08.2019NU
7Kishan NagarMahanadiAnugul15.9808.08.2014NU
8Pubansa (S)MahanadiKendrapada13.1NANU
 Tarapur (S)     
12MahulpaliBheden/ MahanadiSambalpur253.1827.08.2020NU
 Mohulpali  251.1506.07.2007 
13ParmanpurBheden/ MahanadiJharsuguda217.0617.07.2001NU
 Paramanpur   14.07.2001 
14SundergarhIb/ MahanadiSundergarh222.911.09.1998Yes
15PadampurOng/ MahanadiRayagada179.2428.08.2020NU
16SalebhataOng/ MahanadiBalangir139.93NANU
17KesingaTel/ MahanadiKalahandi178.835NANU
18KantamalTel/ MahanadiBoudh132.86NANU
19Arampur NA/ MahanadiAngul131.66NAYes
20KhandaparaKusumi/ MahanadiNayagarh54.1413.10.2013NU
21Kathajori Rd. BridgeKathajori/ MahanadiCuttack22.1607.08.2014Yes
22BalakatiBhargavi/ MahanadiKhurda16.5107.08.2014NU
23BalangaBhargavi/ MahanadiPuri11.931.08.2020Yes
24Daya Rd. BridgeDaya/ MahanadiKhordha16.3707.08.2014NU
25Kanas (S)Daya/ MahanadiPuri5.5702.09.2020NU
26BhingarpurKusavadra/ MahanadiKhurda15.7107.08.2014Yes
27GopalpurBasundhara/ MahanadiSundergarhNANANo
28ChampuaBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniKeonjhar379.0623.09.2011NU
29PanposhBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniSundergarh181.4424.09.2011NU
30GomlaiBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniSundergarh147.6624.09.2011NU
31Kamakshya Nagar Rd BridgeBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniDhenkanalNANANU
32GohiraBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniDebagarhNANANU
33PurunagarhBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniDebagarhNANANU
34Bhuban Baji Rout Rd. BridgeBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniDhenkanalNANANU
35BolaniBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniDhenkanalNANANU
36BonaigarhBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniSundargarhNANANU
37BhejdihBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniMayurbhanjNANAYes
38KeshdihiBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniMayurbhanjNANANU
39KeonjharArarai/ Brahmani-BaitarniKeonjhar46221.07.2009NU
40AltumaRamyala/ Brahmani-BaitarniDhenkanal51.0805.08.1997NU
41KolipalNA/ Brahmani-BaitarniKendujharNANANo
42MahendragarhBadajhor/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGajapati568.3107.10.2003NU
43MohanaHarbhangi/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGajapati463.604.11.1990NU
44KutragadaVamsadhara/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarRayagadaNANANU
45GudariVamsadhara/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarRayagada121.8217.09.1980NU
46BrahmnihaluaSuvrnamukhi/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarRayagadaNANANo
47JaggagudaNagavali/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGajapatiNANANU
48KurulaGodahada EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGanjamNANANU
49SaradaputSabari/ GodavariMalkangiri239.76704.09.1994NU
50BalimundaliBurhabalang/ SubarnarekhaMayurbhanjNANAYes 

Odisha List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownFRLMWLHA?
1Hirakud ReservoirMahanadiSambalpur192.02NANU
2Rengali ReservoirBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniAnugul123.5125.4NU
3Salandi Reservoir  Brahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniKendujhar82.383.21NU
4Upper Kolab DamKalab/ GodavariKoraput858NANU
5Jalaput DamMachkund/ GodavariKoraput838.2NANU
6Upper Indravati DamIndravathi/ GodavariNabarangapur642NAYes
7Balimela Dam Sileru/ GodavariMalkangiri462.07NAYes

Odisha List of Level Forecast Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
1NH 5 Rd BridgeNABalasore7.218.139.512-10-1973

Odisha List of Level Monitoring Sites UPGRADED into Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownWL, MDL, MHFL, MDate
1SoradaRushikulya/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGanjam80.9981.9983.2104.11.1990
2MadhabaridaBada Nadi/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarGajapatiNA60.6561.4418.10.1999
3SwampatnaBaitarani/ Brahmani-BaitarniKendujharNA311.1315.6614.08.1975
4TalcherBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniAnngulNA62.9165.5319.08.1975
6BaripadaBurhabalang/ SubarnarekhaMayurbhanj29.730.9234.8213.10.2013
7JeyporeBurhabalang/ SubrnarekhaMayurbhanj25.1728.1727.431.10.1999
8SirimodaKalab/ GodavariKoraput869.55871.55865.2527.09.2021
9NowrangpurIndravathi/ GodavariNabarangapur555.75557.75559.3307.07.1973
10KosagumdaBhaskal/ GodavariNabarangapur555556557.9805.08.2010

Odisha List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MDate
2KolipalNA/ Brahmani-BaitarniKendujharNANA
3BrahmnihaluaSuvrnamukhi/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarRayagadaNANA

Odisha List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictHFL, MDate
1PhuabaniTel/ MahanadiKandhamalNANA
2Rengali D/SBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniAngul92.2518-08-1975
3IndupurBrahmni/ Brahmani-BaitarniKendrapada9.6927-09-2011
4ThakurmundaBaitarani/ Brahmani-BaitarniKeonjharNANA
5BhadrakBaitarani/ Brahmani-BaitarniBhadrakNANA
6TelkoiBaitarani/ Brahmani-BaitarniKeonjharNANA
7JarikelaKoel/ Brahmani-BaitarniSundergarh194.0706-08-1997
8Sirijori NalaBadajhor/ EFR B Mahanadi-PennarRayagadaNANA
9ChandanpurBurhabalang/ SubarnarekhaMayurbhanj88.413-10-2013

Odisha List of Inflow Forecast Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/ TownFRLMWL
1Hirakud DamMahanadiSambalpur192.02NA

WEST BENGAL (Ganga Basin)

The Ganga Basin (GB) in West Bengal state had25 flood monitoring sites comprising of 5 LF, 15 LM and 5 IF sties in 2018. CWC added 33 new LM sites in the state in 2019 taking total tally to 57 sites including 5 LF, 47 LM and 5 IF sites.

By September 2022, CWC has removed 9 LM and 1 IF sites from GB in West Bengal. It has also upgraded 10 LM sites into LF sites and added 3 new LM sites. Now the GB in West Bengal state has 47 flood monitoring sites comprising of 15 LF sites, 28 LM sites and 4 IF sites. The list of all upgraded, removed and newly added sites is given in separate tables below.

In LF sites, CWC has not provided WL for Sirmulia and Purihansha sites. The DL (7.03 m) is lower than WL (7.63 m) for KALNA (EBB) site on Bhagirathi-II river. The HFL and HFL attaining dates of KALNA (EBB) and Kalna (Flow) sites are similar. The hydrograph for 13 sites out of 15 are Not Updated (NU) and running late by 2 to 10 hours. The Harinkhola LF site on Mundaswari river had attained new HFL 14.6 m on 28.09.2017 but till 2019 CWC mentioned 14.58 m dated 29.09.1978 as HFL for the site which suggests CWC has not been maintaining and updating HFL breach record properly.

In LM sites, CWC has provided HFL, HFL attaining dates for 17 sites. But it is still missing for Fekoghat site on Subarnarekha River. The Kharidwar LM site is listed on Kumari River in Puruliya district of Ganga Basin but when the site is clicked, it shows the hydrograph for Bhomoroguri LM site on Brahmaputra River in Sonitpur district of Assam. Hence, we could not check the HFL, HFL attaining date information for the site. DP Ghat LM site which was removed in 2019 has been re-added. Hydrographs for 26 sites are Not Updated (NU) and running late by 2 to 10 hours.

CWC has shifted Tantloi LM site on Sidheswari river from Birhum district of West Bengal to Dumka district of Jharkhand. Similarly, the Sikatia Barrage IF site on Ajoy river in Bardhaman district of West Bengal has been shifted to to Deoghar district of Jharkhand as LM site. CWC has also shifted Chapra LM site on Jalangi river from Nadia district of West Bengal to Saran district of Bihar.

Out of 4 IF sites the FRL is missing for Durgapur Barrage site while MWL is unavailable for 3 IF sites namely Kangsabati Reservoir, Tilpara Mihirlal Barrage and Hinglow Dam sites. CWC has added HFL, dates for only 2 IF sites. The hydrograph for Hinglow Dam shows no inflow and outflow level. The hydrographs for other 3 IF sites are Not Updated (NU).

CWC has also changed spellings and names of districts from Maladh to Maldah, from Mednipur to Medinipur from Bardhaman to Barddhaman, from Uttar Dinjapur to North Dinjapur and from North 24 Pargana to North Twenty F.

W Bengal (GB) List of Level Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL,MDateHA?
   Maldah  25.14  
2Farakka (FF)GangaMurshidabad21.2522.2525.1407.09.1998Yes
3SimuliaKangsabati/ GangaPuruliyaNA207.12207.805.10.1990NU
4MohanpurKangsabati/ GangaMedinipur24.7325.7329.8702.09.1978NU
6GheroparaAjoy/ GangaBirbhum38.4239.4243.9427.09.1978NU
7NarayanpurMayurakshi/ GangaBirbhum26.8627.8629.6927.09.1995NU
8ENGLISHBAZARMahananda/ GangaMaldah22.7523.524.7710.09.1998NU
9BISWANATHPURPadma/ GangaMurshidabad19.2420.9422.7923.09.2000NU
10BERHAMPOREBhagirathi-II (WB)/ GangaMurshidabad16.9217.2219.12521.09.2000NU
11KATWABhagirathi-II (WB)/ GangaBarddhaman13.114.3215.522.09.2020NU
12KALNA (EBB)Bhagirathi-II (WB)/ GangaBarddhaman7.637.0310.325.09.2000NU
13KALNA (flow)Bhagirathi-II (WB)/ GangaBardhaman7.037.6310.325.09.2000NU
14HarinkholaMundeswari/ GangaHugli11.812.814.628.09.2017NU
15HANSKHALIChurni/ GangaNadia7.968.5910.0325.09.2000NU

W Bengal (GB) List of Level Monitoring Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL,MDateHA?
1Farakka (HR)Feeder Canal/ GangaMurshidabad24.2921.09.2000NU
2TusumaKangsabati/ GangaPuruliya145.327.09.1992NU
3LalgarhKangsabati/ GangaWest Medinipur50.5225.09.1999NU
4KHARIDWARKumari/ GangaPuruliya137.224.09.1999 
5PhulberiaTotka & Jamuna/ GAngaMedinipur136.905.07.2007NU
6MatigaraBalason/ GangaDarjiling124.3110.09.1991Yes
7ChampasariMahananda/ GangaDarjiling120.2410.09.1991Yes
8SonapurMahananda/ GangaNorth Dinajpur75.2405.07.1983NU
9BAHIRGACHIMahananda/ GangaMaladh24.6405.10.2020NU
10DP GhatBairabanki & Taraphini/ GangaMedinipur56.4201.09.1978NU
11SARALPURFulhar/ GangaBirbhum44.1931.07.2021NU
12BHALUKAFulhar/ GangaMaldah27.9421.08.2021NU
13BARIOLPadma/ GangaNorth Dinajpur29.2501.01.2020NU
14BEDEPARAPadma/ GangaMurshidabad17.88503.10.2019NU
15NatunhatAjoy/ GangaBarddhaman24.4228.09.1978NU
16JamalpurDamodar/ GangaBarddhaman23.3828.08.1987NU
17JIAGANGBhairab/ GangaMurshidabad20.8102.10.2019NU
18BAZARSAW (S)Babla/ GangaMurshidabad18.7522.09.2000NU
19ISLAMPUR (S)Jalangi/ GangaMurshidabad18.61524.09.2000NU
20PALASIPARAJalangi/ GangaNadia14.85522.09.2000NU
21KUTHIBARIChurni/ GangaNorth Twenty F11.7909.08.2020NU
22BAJITPURChiramati/ GangaNorth Twenty F11.76602.09.2020NU
23BANPURChiramati/ GangaNadia11.26530.08.2021NU
24BANGAONChiramati/ GangaNorth Twenty F7.72502.09.2020NU
25TARINIPURChiramati/ GangaNorth Twenty F5.7901.08.2019NU
26CHICHURAGanga-Padma/ GangaHugli1124.09.2000NU
28FekoghatDulang/ SubarnarekhaMedinipur48.7827.06.1988NU

W Bengal (GB) List of Inflow Forecast Sites in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictFRLMWLHFL, MDateHA?
1Kangsabati ReservoirKangsabati/ GangaMedinipur134.11NA134.7602.09.1978NU
2Durgapur BarrageDamodar/GangaBarddhamanNANANANANU
3Tilpara Mihirlal BarrageMayurakshi/ GangaBirbhum62.79NA67.05327.09.1978NU
4Hinglow DamHinglow/ GangaBirbhum97.8498.75NANANU

W Bengal (GB) List of Level Monitoring Sites UPGRADED into Level Forecast in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownWL, MDL, MHFL,MDate
2SimuliaKangsabati/ GangaPuruliyaNA207.12207.805.10.1990
4ENGLISHBAZARMahananda/ GangaMaldah22.7523.524.7710.09.1998
5BISWANATHPURPadma/ GangaMurshidabad19.2420.9422.7923.09.2000
6BERHAMPOREBhagirathi-II (WB)/ GangaMurshidabad16.9217.2219.12521.09.2000
7KATWABhagirathi-II (WB)/ GangaBarddhaman13.114.3215.522.09.2020
8KALNA (EBB)Bhagirathi-II (WB)/ GangaBarddhaman7.637.0310.325.09.2000
9KALNA (flow)Bhagirathi-II (WB)/ GangaBardhaman7.037.6310.325.09.2000
10HANSKHALIChurni/ GangaNadia7.968.5910.0325.09.2000

W Bengal (GB) List of Level Monitoring Sites ADDED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL,MDate
1Farakka (HR)Feeder Canal/ GangaMurshidabad24.2921.09.2000
2BANPURChiramati/ GangaNadia11.26530.08.2021
3DP GhatBairabanki & Taraphini/ GangaMedinipur56.4201.09.1978

W Bengal (GB) List of Level Monitoring Sites REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrict/TownHFL,MDate
1ChapraJalangi/ GangaNadiaNANA
2Damodar Rly. BridgeDamodar/ GangaBardhamanNANA
3DISHERGARHDamodar/ GangaBardhamanNANA
4CHITRANJANAjoy/ GangaBardhamanNANA
5GhatalShilabati/ GangaMednipurNANA
6LAKHIYAPALShilabati/ GangaMednipurNANA
7NARAJOLEShilabati/ GangaMednipurNANA
8BISHUNUPURDwarakeswar/ GangaBankuraNANA
9NATUNGRAMDwarakeswar/ GangaBankuraNANA
10KUSHKARNIKushkarni/ GangaBirbhumNANA
11SUNDARPURMayurakshi/ GangaMurshidabadNANA
12TANTLOISidheswari/ GangaBirbhum100.42527.09.1978

W Bengal (GB) List of Inflow Forecast Site REMOVED in 2022

SNSiteRiver/ BasinDistrictFRLMWL
1Sikatia BarrageAjoy/ GangaBardhamanNANA


According to CWC FF website there are 320 flood monitoring sites consisting of 113 LF sites, 175 LM sites and 32 IF sites in 5 states of East India namely Bihar (109), Jharkhand (47), Chhattisgarh (38), Odisha (79), and West Bengal (Ganga Basin) (47) excluding the 24 sites in West Bengal under Sub-Himalayan zone of Brahmaputra Basin which have been compiled under similar analysis for North East states.

Summary Table of Level and Inflow Forecast, Monitoring Sites in East India in 2022

 LevelForecast SitesLevelMonitoring SitesInflowForecast Sites 
W Bengal (GB)15002800040047
EAST India 113 175 32 320

Comparing the overall numbers with 2019 year as covered in SANDRP’s previous overview, the region has seen reduction of 28 sites. In 2019, there were 348 sites comprising of 61 LF, 255 LM and 32 IF sites in the region including Bihar (121), Jharkhand (46), Chhattisgarh (40), Odisha (84), and West Bengal (GB) (57) sites.

This is contradictory to CWC’s claim of gradual increase in flood monitoring sites in the country. Instead of increasing the numbers of sites, CWC has been upgrading LM sites into LF sites as is evident from the fact that between 2019 and 2022, while LF sites have gone up to 113 (2022) from 61 (2019) in the same period the number of LM sites has come down to 175 (2022) from 255 (2019).

There are 54 sites including 2 LF, 44 LM and 8 IF listed in the region which are practically inactive and the number of total sites would further come down to 266 if these inactive sites are excluded from final tally. In addition to this, there are 2 LF sites without HFL attaining dates and 54 LM sites without HFL and 62 LM sites without HFL attaining dates. Also out of total 32 IF sites FRL is missing for 7 sites while MWL is unavailable for 14 others. CWC is supposed to provide and maintain the HFL, HFL attaining dates, FRL, MWL information as basic requirement.

In yet another concerning trend, hydrographs for about 138 sites including 39 LF, 81 LM and 18 IF sites are not being updated in timely way even during active monsoon season. Most surprisingly, the CWC seems to be even lacking confirmed records for site names, locations and has been repeatedly changing the spellings, names, districts, rivers for several sites apart from inconsistency in updating and maintaining HFL, dates records.

A SANDRP analysis (








One thought on “2022: CWC Flood Monitoring Sites in East India

  1. Well done, Sir.

    But I would suggest SANDRP should visit sample sites. It should go with a camera. And see firsthand the type of people present at the site, how the unskilled people measure the river data, and the quality of the data which is going to be the basis for water management and climate change adaptation.

    Not to forget billions of Rs are poured on dams and flood management based on these data.

    SANDRP should prepare a documentary and give it to NDTV, YouTube, and other media. People will be informed of the lies being propagated by CWC. Only SANDRP can do it…..


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