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Happy Birth Day, Yamuna! In pics from Friends of Yamuna

Every year on the sixth day of summer Navratra the birthday of Yamuna river is celebrated. This year it was on 23 March 2018. On this occasion, SANDRP has prepared a photo blog covering almost entire length of the river. The Yamuna Mitra Mandali (YNMM) (Friends of Yamuna River) group established by Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan has essential contributed for this pictorial blog.

The photo blog tries to show the present day situation of river Yamuna  and activities of YNMM on the day of Yamuna Jayanti.

1. Yamuna River near its source at Janaki Chatti, Uttarkashi. Image credit: Omkar Bahuguna Badkot, Tilak Ramola Naogaon, Uttarkashi


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2. Yamuna river at Kathapthar, Dakpathar, Vikas Nagar, Asan Barrage in Dehradun. Image credit: Nishant Panwar.


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3. Yamuna river in Yamuna Nagar. Image Credit Yamuna Sewa Samiti, Kanalsi. 


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4. Yamuna River at Panipat. Image credit to Yamuna Sewa Samiti, Sanoli, Yamuna Gram Sewa Samiti, Kairana, Yamuna Mallaha Samiti Kairana. 


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4. Yamuna River at Palla Delhi. Image Credit: Yayati Bhardwaj, Yamuna Photographer. 


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5. Hindon River Greater Noida. Image by Hukum villager, Momnathal



6. Yamuna River Shergarh, Chhata, Mathura. Image by Raju, Yamuna Photographer.


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7. Yamuna River at Gokul Mathura. Image Credit: Nakul Bhardwaj & Yetendar Singh, Yamuna devotee and activist. 


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8. Yamuna River at Farah Mathura downstream Gokul Barrage. Image Credit: Shivshakar Villager, Gadaya and Thakur Giridharli Lal of Sri Guru Gargacharya Yamuna Mitra Samiti. 


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9 Yamuna River at Agra. Image Credit. Brij Khandelwal of River Connect and Pt. Ashwini Misra, Yamuna priest. 


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10. Yamuna River at Bateshwar downstream Agra. Image Credit: Radhey Shyam, Bateshwar Dham Yamuna Mitra Samiti. 


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11. Yamuna River at Hamirpur. Image Credit: Rajeev Singh, Yamuna-Betwa Nadi Mitra Samiti. 


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12. Yamuna River at Ekdala Allahabad. Image Credit: Jaikant Singh, Panchdev Yamuna Nadi Mitra Samiti & Awdhesh Nishad, Manoj Srivastav of Global Greens. 


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All the images are primarily crowdsourced by YNMM and Yamuna activists working for revival of  River Yamuna. Its an unique initiative. In 2016 also similar photo blog was published on Yamuna Jayanti. 

SANDRP sincerely thanks to all the contributors (Omkar Bahuguna, Tilak Ramola, Nishant Panwar, Sanjay Kumar, Yashu Pratap Rana, Balraj Singh, Mustkeem Mallah, Yayati Bhardwaj, Raju Kumar, Shergarh Mathura, Nakul Bhardwaj Gokul, Yetendar Singh, Mathura, Shivshankar & Thakur Giridharli Lal, Farah, Mathura, Brij Khandelwal of River Connects & Pt. Ashwini Misra Agra, Radheysham Bateshwar, Rajeev Kumar Hamirpur, Jaikant Ekdla Allahabad, Awdhesh Nishad, Manoj Srivastav of Global Greens, Allahabad) 

Hoping that yours efforts for Yamuna river rival would be successful, wish you all Happy Yamuna Jayanti. 

Compiled by Bhim Singh Rawat, SANDRP (bhim.sandrp@gmail.com)

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birth Day, Yamuna! In pics from Friends of Yamuna

  1. Excellent effort at documentation of the river Yamuna by the members of the Nadi Mitra Mandalis. Kudos to Bhim and all the NMM members for their work.


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