Dams, Rivers & People Magazine: Apr-June 2015 and July-Aug 2015 issues

Dear All,

The two recent issues of our magazine “Dams, Rivers & People” is now available online at following links, along with the index of the two issues:

April-June 2015 issue: https://sandrp.wordpress.com/drp-april-may-june-2015-issue/

July-Aug 2015: https://sandrp.wordpress.com/dams-rivers-people-magazine-july-aug-2015/

We are also publishing weekly DRP news bulletins, the latest issues can be seen at following links:

Sept 7, 2015: https://sandrp.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/dams-rivers-people-news-bulletin-sep-07-2015-narmada-canal-salt-mining-in-runn-of-kutch-a-threat-to-endangered-asiatic-wild-ass/

Aug 31, 2015: https://sandrp.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/lathur-residents-maharashtra-facing-tough-time-gaurding-their-drinking-water-drp-news-bulletin-31-aug-2015/

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Himanshu Thakkar