Anupam ji: Aaj bhi kharen hai simplicity and quite hard work

(Above: Anupam ji speaking at the inaugural function of India Rivers Week 2016)

“I need to go and pay respect to the people fighting for India’s Rivers” insisted the weak Gandhian, barely able to walk, on Nov 28, 2016. In his speech at India Rivers Week inaugural function that day, an ever alert Anupam ji with his characteristic wry humor, said if changing stones and electric poles at the ghats, morning and evening prayers on loud speakers is all that the government had to offer to rejuvenate the Ganga, than no amount of faith or funds is going to help the river. We first need to understand from where the rivers are getting fresh and polluted water and see how we can sustain the former and stop the latter.   Continue reading “Anupam ji: Aaj bhi kharen hai simplicity and quite hard work”