Dam Disaster · Uttarakhand

The factors that worsen the Uttarakhand Disasters

Abstract: While Uttarakhand is vulnerable to disasters, climate change is increasing these vulnerabilities. Major human interventions like hydropower projects and highways implemented without an informed or democratic decision-making process act as force multipliers during such disasters. The violations of legal and other prudent norms in their implementation further increase the damages. The absence of necessary… Continue reading The factors that worsen the Uttarakhand Disasters

Dam Disaster · Uttarakhand

Force Multipliers in Uttarakhand disaster

Given below if the text of the presentation made by SANDRP coordinator on Day 1 at the FICCI-NIDM (NIDM: National Institute of Disaster Management; FICCI: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) 3-day training program on Feb 18-20, 2021 on “Resilient Infrastructure in Hilly Areas: Avalanche, GLOF & Debris Flow” in the context of… Continue reading Force Multipliers in Uttarakhand disaster


Uttarakhand: Ensure safe disposal of Rural Road debris

Under prevalent malpractices, the muck and debris from rural road construction are disposed of carelessly along the slopes and drainage channels affecting forest land, village pasture, farmlands and streams across the state. The road planning documents do mention of muck dump yards and prohibits its disposal into water sources; on ground the contractors openly ignore the norms, plans and instructions to save on cost and escape responsibility thinking it would gradually get stabilize or wash away with run-off.


Uttarakhand: Burying Ramganga Streams under Road Muck

Syunsal village has faced a ‘cloud burst’ incident in early morning hours of Sep 7, 2021 which caused significant damages to crops, farmlands, trees, pathways, foot bridge along the gadera. The impact of the subsequent flood is visible even through Google Earth imagery and the scar of the deluge is still visible from miles distance in a clear reminder to proportion of destruction if the drainage channels are chocked with malbas and debris. The pre-monsoon season when many such events are witnessed in the state is just round the corner. In case of intense rain or cloud burst over catchment of these streams, the muck and debris are bound to amplify flash flood destruction. Hence the grim situation requires urgent intervention by the PWD and district administration.

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Open Letter to PM on Uttarakhand Hydro in Sept 2021

Open Letter to the Prime Minister, Minister of Environment and media on 09/09/2021:Restarting seven under-construction hydro projects in Ganga Himalaya unjustified Recently the MoEF&CC has recommended restarting the construction of seven under-construction HEPs  in Uttarakhand namely Tehri II (1000 MW), Tapovan Vishnugad (520 MW), Vishnugad Pipalkoti (444 MW), Singoli Bhatwari (99 MW), Phata Byung (76… Continue reading Open Letter to PM on Uttarakhand Hydro in Sept 2021